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All California Air and Army Federal Technician Vacancy Announcements (VA) are being posted to the USA Jobs Web Site.

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State Civil Service (SCS) Employment Information:

If you are interested in applying for a State Civil Service position at the CA Military Department, please go to this link: State Civil Service Positions

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Active Guard Reserve – Army

Application Information:

Effective February 7, 2022, CAARNG AGR accessions process transitions to FTSMCS Jobs. All VA’s prior to this date will be processed the same way, and applications will be submitted through SAFE. Any VA’s posted on or after this date will be posted both this CMD website, and FTSMCS. However, any VA’s posted on or after this date will no longer require applications to be submitted through SAFE but will require applications to be submitted on FTSMCS Jobs. CAC authentication is required for access into FTSMCS. For instructions on how to apply, please click the following link: FTSMCS AGR Jobs Module Instructions (.pdf)

Points of Contact (POC):

SSG April Hardwick
(916) 854-3826

Announcement NumberTitleGradeUnitDuty LocationArea of ConsiderationOpportunity TypeClose Date
184-22AGR TRAINING NCO(.pdf)E5 - E6
027-23SUPPLY SERGEANT(.pdf)E5 - E6
CO B 1-185 IN BNCOLTON, CA 92324STATEWIDEAGR04 February 2023
030-23ASST AV OPS OFFICER(.pdf)O2 - O3
15A, 15B
031-23AGR TRAINING NCO(.pdf)E5 - E6
032-23SECTION LDR/RNCO(.pdf)E5(P) - E6
CO B 1-126 AVN REGT (GSAB) (-) (AASF#2)STOCKTON, CA 95206NATIONWIDEAGR18 February 2023

Active Guard Reserve – Air Force

Point of Contact (POC):

MSgt Crystal Ritchie
(916) 854-3355

SSgt Nile Winn
(916) 854-4259

VA Announcement #TitleRankAFSCUnitDuty Location
Area of ConsiderationClose Date
A22-266Aerospace Propulsion (.docx)E5-E62A651/2A671144FW
March ARBNationwideOpen Until Filled
A23-021Aircraft Metals Technician(.docx)E6-E72A7X1146 AWChannel IslandsStatewideOpen Until Filled
A23-018Fighter Pilot(.docx)O3-*O411F3F144 FWFresno NationwideOpen Until Filled
A23-111Cyberspace Effect Op(.docx)O1-O3017S3B 195 WG Los Angeles NationwideOpen Until Filled
A23-039Cyber Warfare Operator(.docx)E4-E71B4X1195 WGVan Nuys CANationwideOpen Until Filled
A22-202Sensor Operator (.docx)E6-E71U0X1R163ATKWMarch ARBNationwideOpen Until Filled
A23-094Airplane Flight Instructor(.docx)O4-O5 18XX/11XX163 ATKWMarch ARBNationwide27-Jan-23
A23-096Executive Officer(.docx)O2-O5Any AFSC/97EO195 WGBeale AFBNationwide28-Jan-23
A23-092Contracting(.docx)E7-E86C071/6C091146 AWChannel IslandsNationwide 28-Jan-23
A23-098Civil Engineer(.docx)O1-O5*032E3G129 RQWMoffett FAFNationwide28-Jan-23
A23-107Production Recruiter (.docx)NTE E68R000129 RQWMoffett FAF Nationwide28-Jan-23
A23-046Supervisory Production Controller(.docx)E8-E92R000146 AWChannel IslandsWing AGR Only2-Feb-23
A23-074IT Specialist(.docx)E5-E71D7X1R163 ATKWMarch ARBStatewide2-Feb-23
A23-101Plans & Resource(.docx)E7-E81D791146 AWChannel IslandsNationwide3-Feb-23
A23-105ACFT ELE & ENVIR SYS(.docx)E4-E62A656/2A676129 RQW Moffett FAFNationwide5-Feb-23
A23-102Elec Power Production(.docx)E4-E73E0X2144 FWFresno CANationwide5-Feb-23
A23-103Survey Team Member(.docx)E5-E7Any AFSC/3E9X19th CSTLos AlamitosNationwide8-Feb-23
A23-108Acft Armnt Craftsman (.docx)E3-E62W151/2W171129 RQWMoffett FAF Nationwide9-Feb-23
A23-106Command & Control OP(.docx)E3-E51C351144 FW Fresno CA. Nationwide 9-Feb-23
A23-112Cyber System Operator(.docx)E5-E71D7XX/3DXXX163 ATKWMarch ARBNationwide11-Feb-23
A23-113Pararescue(.docx)E7-E81Z1X1129 RQWMoffett FAFNationwide16-Feb-23
A23-073SUPV IT SPECIALIST(.docx)E7-E81D7X1163 ATKWMarch ARB Statewide14-Feb-23
A23-124CRO - GROUP PLANS(.docx)O3-O419Z129 RQWMoffett FAFNationwideOpen Until Filled
A23-116Logistics Plans(.docx)E3-E62G0X1146 AWChannel IslandsNationwide24-Feb-23
A23-125NCOIC, Entitlements(.docx)E5-E76F071146 AW Channel IslandsNationwide24-Feb-23
A23-126Cyber Warfare Operator(.docx)E4-E71B4X1195 WGVan Nuys CA.NationwideOpen Until Filled
A23-120 RPA Sensor Operator Instructor(.docx)E3-E51U0X1163 ATKWMarch ARBNationwide24-Feb-23
A23-114 Material Management (.docx) E8 Promotable - E92S091/2S000129 RQWMoffett FAFStatewide16-Feb-23
A23-115Force Support Senior Enlisted Leader(.docx)E8-E93FXX129 RQWMoffett FAFStatewide16-Feb-23
A23-121Supervisory IT Specialist(.docx)E7-E81D7X1A/1D7X1B163 ATKWMarch ARBNationwide25-Feb-23
A23-129Action Officer, Commander's Action Group(.docx)O1-O3Any AFSCCA ANG HQSacramento CA.Statewide 16-Feb-23
A23-122 ACFT Armament Sys(.docx)E5 Promotable - E62W171144 FWFresno CA.Nationwide28-Feb-23
A23-130Aircraft Loadmaster(.docx)E5-E6 1A271 129 RQWMoffett FAF 129 RQW Wing Only20-Feb-23
A23-123Education & Training(.docx)E6-E73F271 - (3F0X1/3F5X1 WILLING TO CROSSTRAIN ACCEPTED)195 WGVAN NUYS CA.195 WG 28-Feb-23

State Active Duty

Point of Contact (POC):

MSG (CA) Jorge Garcia

Ms. Tericia Andresen
(916) 854-4209

Please submit your SAD applications, as one file, to:

To request the State Active Duty Appointment Application and California State Guard AHA Form, please email 

Announcement NumberTitleMIN/MAX GradeUnitDuty LocationArea of ConsiderationOpportunity TypeClose Date
SAD VA 2022-112 Platoon Leader (SAD CW2/O2) (.pdf)WO1 through CW3 or O1 through O3Discovery Youth ChalleNGe Academy
Lathrop, CANationwideSAD22 February 2023
SAD VA 2022-130 Squad Leader (SAD E-5) (.pdf)E-4 through E-6Sunburst Youth ChalleNGe Academy
Los Alamitos, CANationwideSAD20 March 2023
SAD VA 2022-132 Mentor Coordinator/Recruiter (SAD E-6) (.pdf)E-5 through E-7Discovery Youth ChalleNGe Academy
Lathrop, CANationwideSAD1 February 2023
SAD VA 2022-133 Security Guard (SAD E-4) (.pdf)E-2 through E-5JFHQ
Sacramento, CANationwideSAD2 February 2023
SAD VA 2022-136 Civil Engineering Operations Superintendent (SAD E-8) (.pdf)E-7 through E-9195th Wing
Beale AFB, CANationwideSAD22 February 2023
SAD VA 2023-003 Cyber Threat Intelligence Branch Manager (SAD O-5) (.pdf)O-4 through O-5Cal-OES/Cal-CSIC
Mather, CANationwideSAD2 February 2023

Counterdrug Task Force

Points of Contact:

MAJ Patrick A. Bagley

SFC Daniel M. Degeorge

Announcement NumberTitleMOS/Max GradeOpportunity TypeDuty LocationArea of ConsiderationUnitClose Date
FTNGD-CD 22-063 CDCV Analyst Support Case Analyst (.pdf)MOS: Open to all MOS and AFSC
Min/Max: E3 - E5
CDTF BakersfieldStatewideCounterdrugOpen Until Filled
FTNGD-CD 22-065 CDCV Analyst Support Case Analyst (.pdf)MOS: Open to all MOS and AFSC
Min/Max: E3 - E5
CDTFOrovilleStatewideCounterdrugOpen Until Filled
FTNGD-CD 23-004 Analyst Support Case Analyst (.pdf)MOS: Open to all MOS and AFSC
Min/Max: E3 - E7
CDTFImperial CountryStatewideCounterdrugOpen Until Filled
FTNGD-CD 23-006 Spanish or Chinese Linguist Linguist (.pdf)MOS: Open to all MOS and AFSC
Min/Max: E4-E5
CDTFMather, CAStatewideCounterdrug31 December 2022
FTNGD-CD 23-014 Ground Tactical Specialist (.pdf)MOS: Open to all MOS and AFSC
Min/Max: E3-E5
CDTFSacramento, CA

StatewideCounterdrugOpen Until Filled
FTNGD-CD 23-016 Logistical Specialist (SURGE) (.pdf)MOS: Open to all MOS and AFSC
Min/Max: E3-E6
CDTFMather, CA

StatewideCounterdrugOpen Until Filled

Active Duty Operational Support


Announcement NumberTitleGradeUnitDuty LocationArea of ConsiderationOpportunity TypeClose Date
FTNGD-TRVLAO 22-01 Defense Travel System Voucher Examiner Defense Travel System Voucher Examiner (.pdf)E1-E4Mather, CAMather, CAStatewideADOSUntil Filled
FTNGD-MFH 22-015 Honor Guard Team Member Honor Guard Team Member (.pdf)E1-E4Military Funeral Honors ProgramSan Jose, CAStatewideADOSUntil Filled
FTNGD-MFH 22-016 Honor Guard Team Member Honor Guard Team Member (.pdf)E1-E4Military Funeral Honors ProgramDixon, CAStatewideADOSUntil Filled
FTNGD-MFH 22-017 Honor Guard Team Member Honor Guard Team Member (.pdf)E1-E5Military Funeral Honors ProgramSacramento, CAStatewideADOSUntil Filled
FTNGD-MFH 22-024 Logistics/Administrative Specialist Logistics/Administrative Specialist (.pdf)E1-E5Military Funeral Honors ProgramSacramento, CAStatewideADOSUntil Filled
FTNGD-MFH 22-025 Military Funeral Honors OIC Military Funeral Honors OIC (.pdf)W1-W2
Military Funeral Honors ProgramSacramento, CAStatewideADOSUntil Filled
FTNGD-MFH 22-026 Honor Guard Team Member Honor Guard Team Member (.pdf)E1-E4Military Funeral Honors ProgramFresno, CAStatewideADOSUntil Filled
ADOS-49HRF-003 HRF (Home Land Response Force) Budget Analyst NCO (.pdf)E5-E649th MP BDEFairfield, CAStatewideADOSUntil Filled

Army M-Day Unit Vacancies

Announcement NumberTitleGradeUnitDuty LocationOpportunity TypeClose Date

Air DSG Unit Vacancies

Announcement Number
TitleRankAFSCUnitDuty Location
Area of ConsiderationClose Date

ESAD Tour with the Counterdrug Task Force

1 July 2022 — 30 June 2023

The Cal Guard Counterdrug Task Force provides supports to local, state, federal, and tribal law enforcement agencies and youth-focused outreach and prevention initiatives throughout California in order to reduce the supply and demand of illegal narcotics. ESAD tour with CDTF is subject to the availability of funds.

  •  Complete required Forms
  • Email the following information along with the Form 301, 302 and DMV Printout to
    • Last Name
    • First Name
    • Rank
    • MOS
    • Branch
    • Unit
    • Unit Address
    • Home Address
    • Personal Email Address
    • Personal Phone Number
    • Security Clearance
    • Preferred Position (Analysis Support, Ground Reconnaissance, DDRO, Aviation, Administrative Support)
  • Applicants must submit all required information and documents in order to be considered.  
  • Once submitted, CDTF will review your qualifications and contact you with further information. 

Steps To Apply

  • Review available position descriptions
    • Analysis Support 
      • Positions available statewide
        Analysts are embedded directly with law enforcement agencies throughout the state. Analysts provide on-going support to cases with a drug nexus through link analysis, financial analysis, document exploitation, and case construction. Analysts receive Counterdrug Basic Analyst Training and may have the opportunity to participate in additional agency-sponsored training. This position is MOS/AFSC immaterial, but most closely aligns with intelligence specialties (MOS 35 series/ AFSC 1N0), military police investigator (31B with V5 ASI), or personnel with a background in analysis, research, and/or complex databases.
    • Ground Reconnaissance
      • Positions available statewide
        Ground reconnaissance teams support law enforcement agencies throughout the state. Operations include providing perimeter security, search warrant support, and ground and aerial reconnaissance. Members receive initial training and qualify twice a year on their Counterdrug-issued weapon. This position is MOS/AFSC immaterial, but most closely aligns with combat arms and security forces MOS/AFSC, or personnel who enjoy demanding work in outdoor environments.
    • Drug Demand Reduction and Outreach
      • Positions available statewide
        DDRO specialists work with school districts and law enforcement programs throughout the state to support education efforts that reduce the damaging effects of substance misuse in the community. DDRO specialists host events and provide presentations to youth that promote healthy choices. Members receive initial DDRO training. The position is MOS/AFSC immaterial and is best suited for personnel who want to work directly with the community and are comfortable speaking in front of large groups.
    • Aviation
      • Positions located at Moffett AFB, Stockton AASF, Mather AASF, and Los Alamitos AASF. 
        Looking for qualified pilots, crew chiefs, and mechanics for HH-60G, UH-60M, and UH-72A.
    • Administrative Support
      • Positions located in Mather, San Diego, Commerce (LA), North Highlands, and San Bruno
        Administrative support encompasses the command and control cell and will be responsible for RAPTR input, personnel accountability, logistics coordination, contracts and financing, and team leadership. This position aligns with S1/A1, S4/A4, S8/A8 and personnel who are RAPTR operators and/or have previous experience with ESAD activations.