Counterdrug Tours Application Instructions

To be eligible for a position with the CDTF, all of the forms below must be completed. If you have any questions or concerns you may contact the CD-1 Admin Support Staff at: (916) 369-4925

Required Forms: (reference attachment “A” of job announcements.)

  1. Commanders Letter of Recommendation (Template) (.pdf)
  2. CD FORM 301-R PIP Questionnaire v5 (.pdf)
  3. CD FORM 302-R Release Form v3 (.pdf)

To request the 1058-R CD Application Form, please email 

* Service Member must have a current PHA / 422 within one year, tested for Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) within the last 2 years, and be drug free.

* Any Service Members applying for an Air or Army pilot position or flight crew member position must attach a current up to date flight physical with their packet.

Optional forms:

  1. Army Bio Sketch Guide (.pdf)
  2. Air Force Bio Sketch (.pdf)