United States Property and Fiscal Office Symbol    United States Property and Fiscal Office of California


Receive and account for all funds and property of the United States Government in the possession of the National Guard of the specified state/territory. Ensure Federal funds are obligated and expended in conformance with applicable statutes and regulations. Make returns and reports on Federal funds and property directed by the CNGB and the appropriate Service Secretary. Advise and assist the units/activities within the state/territory to ensure Federal resources are used in accordance with Department of the Army or Air Force directives and implemented by the CNGB.

USPFO Leadership
Col Jonathan J. Cartwright

Col Jonathan J. Cartwright
USPFO for California
Mrs. Tamara J. Frattalone

Mrs. Tamara J. Frattalone
Deputy Director, USPFO for California


The Internal Review Division of the USPFO provides state-wide Army and Air National Guard performance audits, non-audit services, and liaison functions.  The division evaluates management controls, programs, and processes, and they recommend solutions to correct identified weaknesses.  Audit services are designed to enhance the operational efficiency and effectiveness of the CNG and are internal to the CNG.

Points of Contact - IR
Chief, Internal Review Division
Mr. Dan Bogart
(831) 620-7308


The mission of the Agreements Division is to manage the Cooperative Agreement and Federal Support Agreement Programs.


Cooperative Agreement Program Role: Manage the Master Cooperative Agreement (MCA) and each individual Cooperative Agreement (CA), Military Construction Cooperative Agreement (MCCA), and Special Military Project Cooperative Agreement (SMPCA). Cooperative Agreements are typically entered into by the National Guard Bureau (NGB) (via the USPFO/Grants Officer) and the State (via the California Military Department (CMD)). Cooperative Agreements are funded through Department of Defense (DoD) appropriations for Army National Guard (ARNG) and Air National Guard (ANG) to conduct construction, minor construction, maintenance, repair, or operation of facilities, and mission operational support. The Grants Officer Representatives (GOR) are appointed by the USPFO/Grants Officer to perform the day to day administrative actions and technical monitoring of the Cooperative Agreement Program.

Federal Support Agreement Program Role: Manage all Federal Support Agreements for the California Army National Guard (CAARNG) and California Air National Guard (CAANG) by monitoring and assisting with the preparation, staffing, and approval of Support Agreements. Support Agreements document the terms and conditions whereby CAARNG and CAANG provide or receive reimbursable or non-reimbursable support from other governmental or non-governmental activities.  Support Agreements may be Intragovernment (Federal to/from Federal), Intergovernmental (Federal to/from State, local, or tribal) or, in limited instances, Federal to Non-Governmental (i.e. congressionally chartered nonprofit organizations).  Federal Support agreements are those that involve Federal funding, property, or personnel.  The USPFO is the sole approval authority for Federal Support Agreements. The Support Agreement Managers (SAM) are appointed by the USPFO to manage the Support Agreement Program.

Points of Contact - CA
Dominic LaForgia
Grants Officer Representative (GOR)/Support Agreements Manager (SAM)
Mobile: (916) 934-4209
Tina Williams
Grants Officer Representative (GOR)/Support Agreements Manager (SAM)
Mobile: (951)544-8323

Data Processing

The USPFO for California Data Processing Division provides timely, reliable, secure hosting of enterprise applications in direct support of the United States Property and Fiscal Officer’s federal statutory responsibilities of property and financial accountability. We support the war fighter by supporting the strategic direction of the California National Guard and the USPFO for California.  We  implement new technologies to support and maintain our production systems, databases, and enterprise applications to include our continuity of operations plans for our production systems.

Points of Contact - DPI
Mr. Jeremiah Mergenthaler
Application Development Team
Senior Application Developer
Mr. Joe Crane
Application Developer
Chris LaRosa
Desk: 916-369-4923
Database Management Team
Senior Database Administrator
Mr. Travon Epps
Database Administrator
Mr. Alex Croxton
Desk: 916-369-4343
Systems Administration Team
Senior Systems Administrator
Mr. Dane Johnson
805 594 6256
Systems Adminstartor
Mr. Elijah Williams
Desk: 805-788-6947
Help Desk
Help Desk Coordinator
Mr. Ben Stewart


The Comptroller Division provides excellent customer support to meet the needs of the State and Nation through effective and efficient financial services by facilitating Soldier and Unit readiness within the California Army National Guard.

The Comptroller Division provides and manages the following services for the California Army National Guard:


Joint Review Program, Military Interdepartmental Purchase Request, Cost Transfers/Journal Vouchers, Training, Unmatched Transactions, and Financial Reporting.

Financial Management & Budget

Financial Reporting, State Obligation Plan, RM Online, Program Budget Advisory Committee (PBAC), Unfinanced Requirements (UFR), and Funds Distribution, Compliance and Audit, Quality Assurance Plan, and Financial Systems Access.

Financial Services

Accounts Payable, Commercial Accounts, Military Pay, Technician Pay, and all Travel Distribution.


To provide professional contracting support for all California Army and Air National Guard organizations in the acquisition of construction, Architect-Engineer services, and other supplies and services, following all regulatory guidance while utilizing the most efficient and effective procedures available.​​


  • ​Major Military Construction (MILCON)
  • Minor Construction Projects (under $3 million)
  • Architect and Engineering (A&E) Service Contracts
  • Advance Acquisition Planning and Training
  • Personnel Services Contracting
  • Supply and Service Contracting
  • Government Purchase Card Program Oversight/Training/Implementation​​​​​​​​


Our Supply and Services Division provides material and supply support over the essential ranges of Supply Classes I, II, III, IV, V, VII, and IX to support the missions of our customers.


  • Property Book Operations
  • Installation Food Service and Troop Issue Subsistence Operations
  • Commercial Transportation
  • Material Management
  • Storage
  • Ammunition Supply and Storage
  • Central Issue Facility OCIE Operations