J-6 Command, Control, Communications, and Computers


To be the most efficient and customer focused organization in the California Military Department.

Core Competencies

The Customer

Our customers are why we are here. We strive to provide timely service and support; providing results when the customer needs it and education when the customer wants it.

Basics of Service

We listen and work to understand our customer’s challenge in order to provide the best solutions leveraging the latest technologies at our disposal.

Knowing Our Business

We maintain the ‘one team, one fight’ mentality, and our experts are focused on developing their facet of the IT field to further our directorate’s capabilities in customer support.


Our Vision is an informed, enabled, and empowered workforce, able to respond at a moments notice.


The State Network Team’s Mission is to exceed our customer’s expectations by delivering superior, timely, and relevant support, while maintaining best practice security standards and simplified administrative requirements.


The State Network utilizes Office 365 and only authorized users will be provided with access to our environment. 

  • Office 365 can be found by following this link: Office 365


Technology is changing the way we train, educate and operate in the California National Guard. Distributed Learning (DL) is an important part of this change. Distributed Learning is simply another method of training. Experience shows that DL can be more effective for some training. Although DL will not replace all resident training, the Army is conducting more training using DL. In some cases, DL can provide an alternative to traditional resident training; in other cases, it can augment resident training, and in some cases, it can replace resident training. Higher levels of readiness will be achieved, and sustained, by trainers who assist leaders to use the most effective training methods – including DL.



On order, mobilize, deploy, and provide Incident Commander’s Command, Control, and Communications Unit (IC4U), radio communications to all supported units. Coordinate and provide subject matter experts for infrastructure support and training to units with IC4U and JISCC capabilities. The State Military Department J6 Emergency Communications and IC4U program is a first responder style organization that owns physical deployable assets designed to provide real-time information reach back capabilities. We have seven trucks located throughout the state and a full time staff that service each entity. In the event of a state emergency or disaster that is large enough to involve CA Office of Emergency Services, we can be called on to provide computers, phones, scanner, E-Mail, and WIFI availability to a range of customers where no infrastructure is available. We are also subject matter experts on many tactical systems to include: PSC5, PRC-117, PRC-152, SINCGARS, and HF SYSTEMS. Our department is well versed in these systems as a training asset to line units. 

E-Comms POC

  • (916) 854-3777


The CMD Smart Phone App (AKA, the CMD App) is used to communicate vital and real-time information to each CMD member. The CMD App provides valuable tools and resources, enables leaders at levels to communicate essential information to their team, and assists CMD members with finding help in their time of need. The CMD App includes features such as managed group chat, announcements, real-time notifications, a CMD wide directory, key events calendar, guidebooks and leader books, and more. The CMD App will help you connect to the resource you need, when you need it.


You can request support by using the CMD App Support Request Form provided in the links below. Your request will be processed by the Application Development Team and you will be notified if any additional information is required.