Office of the Military Department Inspector General

The California Military Department Inspector General (IG) is appointed by the Governor of California and reports directly to the Adjutant General or when appropriate directly to the Governor. The Inspector General office is an honest broker and consummate fact finder. Their primary functions are training, assisting, inspecting, and investigating.

The Military Department IG operates within an environment consisting of the California Military Department and its members, retirees, and members of the public needing assistance regarding its matters, activities or processes. The Inspector General is sufficiently independent so that those requesting assistance will do so with the confidence that matters presented to the IG office will remain as confidential as possible.

The Military Department IG handles matters that are under the jurisdiction of the California Military Department.

New California Military Department Inspector General appointed by Governor Gavin Newsom

Inspector General Action Request

Anyone with information pertaining to the California Military Department processes may call the Inspector General HOTLINE at 1 (888) 645-0411 or submit an Inspector General Action Request form: Inspector General Action Request Form (.pdf)

Mail to:
Military Department Inspector General
10601 Bear Hollow Drive
ATTN: Box 62
Rancho Cordova, CA 95670

Email to:
Email Military Department IG

Fax to:  
(916) 854-3641

Military and Veterans Code – MVC § 55 –  IG Reports