Joint Diversity Executive Council

The California National Guard Joint Diversity Executive Council (JDEC) is a body designated to serve as a working advisory group to The Adjutant General and other leaders in the California Military Department (CMD), which include offices and agencies that contribute to the diversity management policies/principles of our organization.  The Council’s mission is to “make a difference” by fostering an environment of inclusion.

TAG policies applicable to all personnel and Service Members of the California National Guard and California Military Department.

  • Policy Memorandum 2020-07, Equal Opportunity
  • Policy Memorandum 2020-08, Equal Employment Opportunity
  • Policy Memorandum 2020-09, Prevention of Sexual Harassment
  • Policy Memorandum 2020-10, Equal Opportunity Complaint Process
  • Policy Memorandum 2020-11, Workplace Consideration of Others
  • Policy Memorandum 2020-12, Diversity
  • Policy Memorandum 2020-13, Fair Treatment
  • Policy Memorandum 2020-14, California Military Department Equal Opportunity Training Process

Special Observances are employment related programs and events designed to provide cultural awareness.  These observances were established by law (and/or local state law), bill, or resolution of Congress.

  • Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. (3rd Monday of January)
  • African American/Black History Month (February)
  • Women’s History Month (March)
  • Holocaust Remembrance Day/Days of Remembrance (April 12 / April 8-15)
  • Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Month (May)
  • LGBT Pride Month (June)
  • Women’s Equality Day (26 August)
  • Hispanic Heritage Month (15 September – 15 October)
  • National Disability Employment Awareness Month (October)
  • National American Indian Heritage Month (November)

See the Defense Equal Opportunity Management Institute to learn more.

Diversity Outreach Awards.  Air and Army National Guard members can be recognized by external community organizations. The Air and Army National Guard can formally recognize individuals and organizations that strengthen our force by reaching out to our communities to build meaningful partnerships with them.  All California National Guard members are highly encouraged to nominate individuals for these prestigious awards.  

NOTE: Certain websites may change without notice to include dates of submissions and events.  Reference and contact the appropriate military branch (ARNG or ANG at NGB) for additional assistance/information and submission requirements.

Types of Awards/Events

Awards/Events Submission Requirements

Each servicing military branch have different submission requirements for the specified outreach awards.

NGB: Submissions and inquiries for the NGB Excellence in Diversity Awards directed to NGB Office of Diversity and Inclusion (NGB-DI) at (703) 601-2267.

ARNG: Submissions and inquiries for Army National Guard can be directed to ARNG Equal Opportunity and Diversity Office at:

ANG: Submissions and inquiries for Air National Guard can be directed to the ANG Diversity Office at:

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