Human Resources Office


It is our daily commitment to the California National Guard Soldiers, Airmen, Civilians and their families to provide quality customer service and HR support in our manpower and personnel mission. It is our hope to garner and maximize our federal human capital to be the premiere workforce now and for the future.


The mission of the Human Resources Department is to formulate human resource policies and programs that enhance the quality of the work environments. Collaborate with Managers and supervisors in supporting effective recruitment and development of a highly qualified workforce. Create a strategic partnership which fosters individual achievement, personal and professional development, teamwork, integrity, professionalism, and accountability.

Benefits and Retirement

The Benefits and Retirements section helps to provide and assist Technicians to enroll and maintain benefits, entitlements, and retirements to include maintaining employment records. Additionally, our Human Resources Analysts are trained to supply quality customer service, giving the proper guidance, counseling, and training on most aspects of a Technician’s benefits and entitlements such as USERRA, FEHB, and TSP to name a few. Additionally, our analysts work closely with other HRO sections to resolve any pay, salary, and entitlement issues.

Injury Compensation and Unemployment Compensation

Our Injury Compensation and Unemployment Compensation (ICUC) specialists are specifically trained to administer and manage the injury and unemployment programs on behalf of the Department of Labor’s (DOL) Office of the Worker’s Compensation Program (OWCP). ICUC agents will assist Technicians with submitting injury claims and work as the liaison between them and DOL Claims Examiners to ensure accuracy of OWCP benefits and payments.

Contact Information and Links

We offer supervisors and managers expertise in

  • Technician performance management
  • Performance Appraisal Application (PAA)
  • Incentive and honorary awards
  • Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA)
  • Telework
  • Labor relations matters
  • Bargaining
  • Grievance resolution
  • Disciplinary issues and adverse actions

Goals and Objectives

  • Effectively represent the interests of TAG in all bargaining matters by ensuring TAG’s intent is effectively incorporated into all bargaining matters.
  • Establish and promote collaborative and effective labor-management relationships by being committed to approaching all issues with objectivity, dignity, consistency, and with the upmost confidentiality.

To accomplish this, we will:

  • Foster positive relationships through open communication
  • Support adherence to law, rule, and regulation through education of the Technician workforce
  • Promote effective dispute resolution
  • Avail ourselves to assist with relevant issues

The mission of our training and development staff is to support our workforce development and organizational effectiveness. We provide access to training programs designed to meet individual, group or departmental needs and objectives. We strive to enhance individual learning and development as the means for creating a better workplace environment and for building a stronger workforce.​  HRO Training


To provide managers with staffing advisory services and assist with recruiting the most qualified and skilled individuals in a variety of occupations, while helping build a talented and diverse workforce to meet the overall needs of the agency.

To accomplish this we will:

  • Provide information, guidance, and assistance to managers, supervisors, and employees concerning recruitment, placement, and compensation
  • Draft and post vacancy announcements via USA Staffing and USA Jobs
  • Assure that candidates are properly evaluated and certified for placement or promotion
  • Ensure selecting officials receive a reasonable amount of highly-qualified candidates to choose from
  • Enforce compliance of the Merit Promotion and Placement Plan and merit placement principles based on law, rule, and regulation

Info and Links


The New Employee Orientation is designed to provide our new members the tools to begin their career with our agency. All courses are located on our Youtube Page.

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Some Air National Guard personnel are on Active Guard and Reserve (AGR) status. This means these Airman have volunteered to go on active duty providing full-time support to the Air National Guard, Reserve and Active Component organizations for the purpose of organizing, administering, recruiting, instructing and/or training. AGR Airmen serve full-time and enjoy the same benefits and entitlements as Active Component Airman, including paid leave, full educational benefits, medical care for themselves and their immediate family, and the opportunity for immediate retirement after 20 years of Active Federal Service.

AGR announcements are located here: CMD Jobs