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Your packet must be completed for us to start working on these letters of recommendation, because your packet will be sent to these individuals to look at your packet prior to the interview.

The first person you will interview with is going to be a senior Warrant Officer, an aviator, with the rank of W3 or higher.

Once you get that interview, they provide you with further guidance if needed, or give you the letter of recommendation.

You will interview with the flight facility Commander. The person that needs to give you the letter of recommendation. The flight facility commander and the battalion commander must be individuals that are in the unit that you are trying to get into. So, if you’re trying to get into the Mather flight facility, you will need to interview with the Mather flight facility commander and the battalion commander. If you’re trying to go to Stockton, Los Alamitos, or Fresno, it’s the same procedure. You need their flight facility commander and their battalion commander.

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