California Air National Guard

Helicopter, drone and airplane flying with airmen providing direction and control

More than 4,500 citizen airmen fill the ranks of our five wings which are strategically positioned across California to support the state and nation in times of need. Our highly specialized servicemen and women leverage a variety of aviation platforms and combat tested expertise to perform a full spectrum of missions. Whether we are dropping water on wildfires here in California, providing homeland air defense for all of the Western U.S. or offering direct support to combat commanders overseas, our airmen are always engaged to protect the state and nation.


​A ready, reliable, and relevant force, now and into the future.​


The California Air National Guard organizes, trains, and equips airmen to provide air, space, cyberspace, and support capabilities to the state and nation.

Core Competencies

​Develop Airmen… Organized, Trained, and Equipped

Enhanced User Capability Through Technology

Integrated Operations

Resource Acquisition and Management

Care for our Airmen, Civilian Employees and their Families


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Brigadier General Steven J. ButowBrigadier General Steven J. Butow
California Air National Guard
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To be our Nation’s premier Air National Guard unit, unmatched in Personnel Recovery mission execution and Airmen development.


Federal: Train, prepare and conduct worldwide combat search and rescue operations, over land or water, in both hostile and permissive environments. The 129th Rescue Wing also provides Agile Combat Support capabilities to Combatant Commanders.

State: Support the Governor’s office during state emergencies and contingencies by providing a wide range of capabilities, to include specialized search/rescue and aerial fire-fighting.

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To provide Superiority in support of worldwide joint operations state and federal as well as Air Defense of the United States.​


The California Air National Guard Base in Fresno is home to the 144th Fighter Wing. The Federal Mission of the 144th Fighter Wing is to provide Air Superiority in support of worldwide joint operations as well as Air Defense of the United States. Additionally, the wing provides agile combat support, and intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance to combatant commanders around the globe. The Wing also provides a variety of homeland defense capabilities to U.S. NORTHCOM.

State Mission – The 144th Fighter Wing provides a variety of Defense Support of Civil Authorities (DSCA) capabilities to the Governor of California. Primary contributions include ready manpower, reconnaissance assets, response to chemical, biological and radiological attacks, security, medical, civil engineering and command and control.

144th Fighter Wing Website

We are a combat ready organization prepared to support the U.S. and allied forces, as well as provide disaster response, humanitarian relief, and large scale aerial firefighting capabilities to the state of California and the nation.


The mission of the 146th Airlift Wing is to provide expertly trained, properly equipped, and professionally developed airmen ready to respond of our state and nation with unmatched tactical airlift and operation capabilities across the spectrum of operations.


The vision of the 146th Airlift Wing is to ensure premier tactical airlift and agile combat support forging bold and innovative airmen as guardians of freedom and justice around the globe now and into the future.

146th Airlift Wing Website


Expertly Trained Air National Guard Professionals Providing Global Mission Capabilities and Readiness to Local, State and National Leaders, now and into the Future.


One Team Providing Dedicated, Disciplined and Diverse Guardsmen Ready to Defend Our State, Nation and Local Communities from Any Threats that Compromise the Safety, Security and Well-Being of Our Citizens and Allies.

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“A multi-missioned wing inspiring warfighters through innovative integration”


“Employ Space, Cyberspace, Intelligence and Combat Communications expertise delivering vital operational impact to protect state and global interests”


“Readiness, Airman Care, Culture of Innovation”