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CCWO Warrant Officer LOR (.pdf) 


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CCWO Warrant Officer LOR (.pdf)
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Provide the following documents when packet is completed and requires CCWO LOR. IMR (Individual Medical Readiness), DTMS APFT/ACFT History (5 Years), DTMS Height/Weight History (5 Years).

1. I respectfully request predetermination of the technical qualifications of SSG John Smith, an applicant seeking appointment as a 914A – Allied Trades Warrant Officer.

2. In my professional opinion, having thoroughly reviewed the predetermination packet, SSG John Smith possesses a high level of technical knowledge, experience, organizational skills, and demonstrated leadership to succeed as a 914A. In view of SSG John Smith’s overall qualifications, documented experience, and the needs of the CA ARNG, I respectively request favorable determination of his technical qualifications for appointment as a Warrant Officer in the CA ARNG as a 914A – Allied Trades Warrant Officer.

3. I certify that I have reviewed the attached predetermination packet for accuracy and completeness.  All items required by the DA MOS Proponent are included to support the Soldier’s eligibility for entry into Allied Trades Warrant Officer 914A.

4.  SSG John Smith’s PULHES is 111111 as of his most current PHA on 20230106 is fully deployable, passed the ACFT on 20221104 with a total score of 538 and meets height/weight standards of AR 600-9.

5. Point of contact for this matter is the undersigned at COMM (916) 854-3797, CELL (209) 988-7990 or email

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