Join The California National Guard

Whether a recent graduate, midway through an active-duty career, or already retired from the service, The California National Guard is looking for those individuals wanting to the serve our state and nation. Joining The Guard as an Army or Air National Guardsman or a State Military Reservist could be the most challenging and rewarding experience of one’s life.

Soldier Firing Rifle

The California Army National Guard is a force full of opportunities. Our units bring everything from Black Hawk helicopters to Special Forces teams to bear when called upon by state or nation. If you’re looking for real world skills and unlimited leadership opportunities, look no further.

To join click here: Join the CAARNG

Fighter Jet Flying

The California Air National Guard is a unique way for citizen-soldiers to serve the state and nation by developing expertise in the realms of air, space, and cyberspace. From fighter pilots to cyber security analysts, joining the CANG is a great launch point.

California State Guard Soldiers

The California State Guard is an all-volunteer state defense force ready to support the state in times of need. From retired veterans, with decades of experience, to young newly minted professionals, the CASG is a unique and meaningful way to support local communities throughout the state.