ESAD Tour with the Counterdrug Task Force

1 July 2022 — 30 June 2023

The Cal Guard Counterdrug Task Force provides supports to local, state, federal, and tribal law enforcement agencies and youth-focused outreach and prevention initiatives throughout California in order to reduce the supply and demand of illegal narcotics. ESAD tour with CDTF is subject to the availability of funds.

Steps To Apply

  • Review available position descriptions
    • Analysis Support 
      • Positions available statewide (max grade E6)
        Analysts are embedded directly with law enforcement agencies throughout the state. Analysts provide on-going support to cases with a drug nexus through link analysis, financial analysis, document exploitation, and case construction. Analysts receive Counterdrug Basic Analyst Training and may have the opportunity to participate in additional agency-sponsored training. This position is MOS/AFSC immaterial, but most closely aligns with intelligence specialties (MOS 35 series/ AFSC 1N0), military police investigator (31B with V5 ASI), or personnel with a background in analysis, research, and/or complex databases.
    • Ground Reconnaissance
      • Positions available statewide (max grade E6)
        Ground reconnaissance teams support law enforcement agencies throughout the state. Operations include providing perimeter security, search warrant support, and ground and aerial reconnaissance. Members receive initial training and qualify twice a year on their Counterdrug-issued weapon. This position is MOS/AFSC immaterial, but most closely aligns with combat arms and security forces MOS/AFSC, or personnel who enjoy demanding work in outdoor environments.
    • Drug Demand Reduction and Outreach
      • Positions available statewide (max grade E6)
        DDRO specialists work with school districts and law enforcement programs throughout the state to support education efforts that reduce the damaging effects of substance misuse in the community. DDRO specialists host events and provide presentations to youth that promote healthy choices. Members receive initial DDRO training. The position is MOS/AFSC immaterial and is best suited for personnel who want to work directly with the community and are comfortable speaking in front of large groups.
    • Aviation
      • Positions located at Moffett AFB, Stockton AASF, Mather AASF, and Los Alamitos AASF. 
        Looking for qualified pilots, crew chiefs, and mechanics for HH-60G, UH-60M, and UH-72A.
    • Administrative Support
      • Positions located in Mather, San Diego, Commerce (LA), North Highlands, and San Bruno (max grade E7)
        Administrative support encompasses the command and control cell and will be responsible for RAPTR input, personnel accountability, logistics coordination, contracts and financing, and team leadership. This position aligns with S1/A1, S4/A4, S8/A8 and personnel who are RAPTR operators and/or have previous experience with ESAD activations.
  • Complete required Forms
  • Complete the ESAD Application Request. Fill out the required information and upload forms. Applicants must submit all required information and documents in order to be considered.  
  • Once submitted, CDTF will review your qualifications and contact you with further information. 

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