The proponent agency is ARNG-HRH. The prescribing directive is NGR 600-200

Request for NGB Forms 22 / NGB Forms 22A

Your request must contain certain basic information for us to locate / generate your separation document.  This information includes:

  • The veteran’s complete name used while in the CAARNG
  • Last four of your social security number
  • Date of Discharge
  • All requests must be signed and dated by the veteran


There are a couple of ways to request your NGB Form 22.  You can:

  1. Download and print a copy of the NGB 22 Request Form in PDF format.
  • You need access to a printer and the Adobe Acrobat Reader software.  The NGB 22 Request Form is formatted for letter size paper (8.5″ x 11″).  If your printer cannot accommodate this, select “shrink to fit” when the Adobe Acrobat Reader “Print” dialog box appears.
  • This is also a fillable version; it will allow you to type the needed information into the form using your keyboard.  You will still need to print, sign, and return the form.
  1. Contact us to order the form through the mail at:

Office of the Adjutant General
Attn: Box 40 – Separations
Sacramento, CA 95826-9101

How to submit the NGB Form 22 Request Form

California Army National Guard organizations can submit NGB Form 22 requests through the NGB Form 22 Request Portal.


Veterans or next-of-kin of deceased veterans can submit the completed request form by mail or email.  Veterans do not need to complete block 6, Certifying Official, prior to submitting to the request.


Mail:  Office of the Adjutant General
          Attn: Box 40 – Separations
          Sacramento, CA 95826-9101



           Please ensure the subject line is “NGB Form 22 – Last Name, First Name


Note:   Veterans requesting their completed NGB Form 22 sent via email will receive notification from AMRDEC SAFE.  You will have 10 days to download your file before the link expires (You can only access the link once, therefore, be sure to save your form). 

How to Request a NGB Form 22A

Request for correction(s) to completed NGB Form 22 may be sent by mail or email. 


Be sure to include: 


  • A copy of your completed NGB Form 22
  • Indicate the specific blocks that needs to be corrected and the error
  • State the recommended correction (how should the specific block be corrected)
  • Submit documentation supporting the correction (i.e. pay records, awards, DA Form 1059s; orders alone are not a verifiable source document)


Mail:  Office of the Adjutant General
          Attn: Box 40 – Separations
          Sacramento, CA 95826-9101



            Please ensure the subject line is “NGB Form 22A – Last Name, First Name

Emergency Requests and Deadlines

If your request is urgent (e.g. upcoming funeral, retirement pay, etc.) and there is a deadline associated with your request, please provide this information in the Subject Line of the email.   Our goal is to complete all urgent requests within three working days.  However, in some instances we can complete requests the same day if necessary. 

Contact Us

You may also contact the Separations Section at (916) 854-3150 (Option 4), or  


Note:  Our peak calling times are weekdays between 10:00 a.m. and 3:00 pm.  Staff is available to take your call as early as 7:30 a.m. and as late as 5:00 p.m.