Camp San Luis Obispo

Camp San Luis Obispo

Contact Information

  • Commercial: (805) 594-6500 or Cagnet: 66500
  • Location:
    Camp San Luis Obispo
    Post Operations Building 738
    10 Sonoma Avenue
    San Luis Obispo, CA 93405

Hours of Operation: 8:00 a.m. through 4:30 p.m. daily (except for Federal holidays).  Check-in no earlier than 2:00 p.m.  Late check-in (after 4:00 p.m.) can be coordinated in advance with Billeting personnel.  Check-out no later than 12:00 p.m. 

All rooms are non-smoking.  Only service animals allowed (prior notification required to ensure appropriate quarters are reserved).  Our rooms have been beautifully remodeled and modernized with furniture and queen size beds.  The amenities include satellite TV, in-room coffee makers, ironing board and iron, am/fm clock radios, and daily housekeeping service.


  • Active Duty, Active Guard & Reserve
  • National Guard & Reserve
  • Families of service members with proper identification card
  • Retired service members
  • State and DoD Government employees

RV Park

  • When entering Camp San Luis Obispo with an RV, please use truck gate (stay to your right).
  • All 12 spaces are:  pull-through with water & sewer hookups with 20, 30, and 50 amp service and fire rings.
  • We also offer overflow areas for dry camping and there is a dump station within the RV Park.
  • Newly constructed and modern male and female latrines with showers are also available within the park.
  • Directions from San Luis Obispo
    • From HWY 101 exit HWY 1 to Morro Bay
    • Travel about 5 miles on HWY 1, get in left lane
    • Turn left at front entrance (3 flag poles)
  • Directions from Morro Bay
    • Take HWY 1 towards San Luis Obispo about 8 miles
    • Stay in right lane to enter (just past Cuesta College)

Camp San Luis Obispo Recreational Vehicle Park Reservations and Rules

  1. Upon arrival, guests must register for their space at the Billeting Office, Building 738.  Check out time is 12:00 p.m.
  2. Permanent parking is not authorized or allowed.
  3. Individuals may not stay over 30 consecutive days in a calendar year unless on official TDY status. 
  4. Guests with reservations should pick up their space assignment packet from the metal cabinet at the Billeting Office.  Guests arriving after hours without a reservation must use overflow areas until they have registered at the Billeting Office and assigned a space. 
  5. Travelers may arrive without reservations; however, they may not displace those with prior reservations unless they are in an offical travel status to train at Camp San Luis Obispo. 
  6. Charges will be assessed per recreational vehicle.  In the case of the overflow area, charges will be assessed per tent or per recreational vehicle.  Maximum number of people per campsite is 6.  
  7. Tents may not be placed on the grass in the actual 12 sites.  Tents must be places in the designated “Overflow” areas only. 
  8. RV’s without gray water holding tanks and not connected to sewer will contain the water in a closed portable vessel.  The water must be disposed of in the dump station.  Dispose of trash properly. 
  9. Pets will not be allowed to run loose in the RV Park.  Pets must be on a leash and owners will clean up after them.
  10. The rights and privileges of other guests must be respected at all times.  No electronic equipment may be used which emits sound beyond the immediate individual camp site.  Generators may only be used from 9:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.  Quiet hours are 2200 hours (10:00 p.m.) to 0600 hours (6:00 a.m.)  Those who violate this policy will be asked to leave.
  11. No open fires or burning candles are permitted.  Use only the fire pits provided at each of the 12 RV sites or self contained closed barbeques (ex: Smokey Joe’s)  No fires of any kind are allowed in overflow areas.  
  12. Restrictions in RV Park include:  No washing of vehicles is permitted.  Do not plug appliances directly into the space outlets.  Do not disconnect or in any way alter the watering/irrigation system.  Violators will be asked to leave. 
  13. Conflicts with other guests should be resolved through the Billeting Office.  Do not attempt to take matters into your own hands.  Should a health and safety issue occur, please notify front gate security.  You may be asked to complete a serious incident report if an incident has occurred.  
  14. Camp San Luis Obispo utilizes inmates from the San Luis Obispo Sheriff’s Department to assist in the maintenance at Camp San Luis Obispo.  They are readily identified by blue denim shirts and jeans.  See general rules for Billeting for further information. 
  15. All creek embankments and creek beds are strictly off limits.
  16. Children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult while riding bicycles on post. 

Welcome to Camp San Luis Obispo Dining Facility (DFAC) Building 854. The DFAC is open year round for your dining needs (closed during some holidays)

Hours and meal cost 

  • Breakfast 6AM-7:30AM $7.00
  • Lunch 11:30AM-1PM $8.00
  • Dinner 5PM-6:30PM $8.00

Points of Contact: 

  • DFAC Coordinator (805) 594-6424

​The Facility Manager can also provide portable latrines (both single and double), light/generator trailers, BBQ trailers, hand washing stations, tables, chairs, portable screens, water igloos, linen, coffee pots, projectors and a portable PA system, as well as a few other items. Camp San Luis Obispo has barracks space for 636 personnel, in two types of facilities, in two different areas on the training site.  That number can be raised to 732 in emergency situations.

Points of Contact

  • Facilities Manager or NCO can be reached at: (805) 594-6630 or (805) 594-6564

All units must check-in with Post Operations, Bldg 738 before proceeding to Post Logistics or Range Control. 
Post Operations will give the unit representative a CSLO Form 353 (In/Out Processing Clearance Record).  This form must be presented to Post Logistics and/or Range Control before assistance will be given. 
The CSLO Form 353 must be cleared and signed off by Post Logistics and/or Range Control prior to clearing Post Operations. 

Camp San Luis Obispo utilizes the Range Facility Management Support System (RFMSS) to schedule all training facilities.  CAARNG units can access RFMSS through the USPFO portal site.  All other organizations can access RFMSS through the Ft. Belvoir site at Ft Belvoir RFMSS.  If you are not familiar with RFMSS, contact Operations for assistance.  

Contact Information

Normal Hours of Operation:  M-F 0800-1630
Operations NCOIC: (805) 594-6413

Operations NCO: (805) 594-6510 or (805) 594-6388
Post Operations Telephone #: (805) 594-6510
Fax #: (805) 594-6526

Send all mail to: 
Camp San Luis Obispo
Post Operations Building 738
10 Sonoma Avenue
San Luis Obispo, CA 93405
For deliveries use Highway 1, Building 738

All units must check-in with Post Operations before proceeding to Range Control. All units must check-in with Range Control prior to entering any range or training area.  Post Operations will give the unit representative a CSLO Form 353 (In/Out Processing Clearance Record).  This form must be presented to Range Control before assistance will be given.  The CSLO Form 353 must be cleared and signed off by Range Control prior to clearing Post Operations.  

Contact Information

Normal Hours of Operation:  M-F 0700-1630
Range and Training Officer:  (805) 594-6510
Range Control NCOIC:  (805) 594-6529
Range Maintenance:  (805) 594-6388
Range Control NCO:  (805) 594-6546
Fax #: (805) 594-6380

Send all mail to: 
Camp San Luis Obispo
Range Control
10 Sonoma Avenue/Bldg 610
San Luis Obispo, CA 93405
For deliveries use Highway 1, Building 610

Security Contact Information:

Normal Hours of Operation: 24/7
Security OIC: (805) 594-6354
Security NCOIC: (805) 594-6512
Security Desk: (805) 594-6571

Send all mail to: 
Camp San Luis Obispo
Building 738

10 Sonoma Avenue
San Luis Obispo, CA 93405
For deliveries use Highway 1, Building 738

Vehicle Registration at Camp San Luis Obispo

Requirements: Camp San Luis Obispo is a State of California Military Installation and the following is required to gain access to the installation with a vehicle.  

  • (Mandatory)  Before coming to CSLO, please ensure that you have the following current documents with you.  You can greatly minimize any inconvenience by simply ensuring that they are readily available (out of protective sleeves) for presentation upon request, the Soldiers at the front gate will need to inspect them. 
    • A current/valid driver’s license.  If you will be operating a motor vehicle for any length of time on Camp San Luis Obispo, you must have in your possession a current driver’s license or a valid extension to match your expired license.  
    • Proof of current vehicle registration.  If your registration has expired, you must provide a copy of the expired registration and current proof of payment for the new registration.  Government (Municipal, County, State and/or Federal) vehicles will typically only have a current “sticker” on the plate and/or dispatch documentation to support use. 
    • Proof of vehicle insurance.  Must be current and must contain policy number, name of company, name of the insured, and vehicle information.  Not required for Government vehicles.  
    • Valid form of U.S. Government issued identification for all passengers over the age of 16.
    • Rental Vehicle.  Current rental with all authorized drivers. 
  • (Optional)  Fill out Permit Application.  After reading these instructions entirely, click on the application form link at the bottom of this page and fill out the form completely, leaving the permit number blank. 
  •  When you have completed filling out the permit application, print it out and bring the completed form with you to Camp San Luis Obispo. 

What to expect upon your arrival: 

  • The soldiers at the main gate will validate the information on the pre-filled out pass form and then give you the form with a valid pass number.  You will place this form face up on the driver’s side of the dashboard.
  • You will be informed on the duration of the pass and when you might be required to see pass and ID for a “renewed pass”.  If your plans or official business require you to be on the installation for longer than two weeks, you will need to “renew” your pass during this stay.  

Please enjoy your time here at Camp San Luis Obispo and if you have any questions regarding this form, please contact the Main gate at Camp San Luis Obispo at (805) 594-6571 commercial or 630-6571 DSN.  If you still have questions, please contact the Security Force NCOIC/OIC at (805) 594-6571 commercial or 630-6571 DSN.  Please remember that the privilege of driving on CSLO is just that, a privilege.  Please do not abuse that privilege while here at CSLO. 

Camp San Luis Obispo also has a quaint chapel on the base should you wish to add a more religious element to your special day*. 
*Note: To use the Officer’s Club and/or Chapel for weddings, etc.. wedding couple must be Active, Guard, Reserve, retired military, or DoD recognized disabled. 

The historic Officers Club, built in 1928, has its own beauty and vintage charm.  The ballroom seats up to 300 guests.  If you are hosting a larger event, the outside patio area, which can be tented, can be utilized for additional seating.  You do not need to be part of the military to lease the Club for events. The Fireplace Room at the right entrance of the Club is approximately 20′ X 40′, and features wood beamed ceilings and accent lighting. This area is wonderful for welcoming your guests, displaying photos and memorabilia and serving appetizers. It can even be used for an intimate ceremony. There is a fireplace at the end of the room, with French doors along the front side of the building opening onto the veranda. Behind the Fireplace Room, through a set of French doors, is a library area with a pass through fireplace from the Fireplace Room. As you enter the left entrance of the Club you will find our newly refurbished “lounge area.” This area has new French doors and hardwood floors and is perfect for intimate gatherings, small meetings/conferences or luncheons. The lounge area also contains our bar. The Officers Club holds a liquor license and provides all bar service. Arched entries invite guests into a ballroom that is approximately 50′ X 75′ and 15′ ceilings and features dramatic draping and twinkle lighting. At the east end of the ballroom is a dance floor that measures approximately 30′ X 30′, and a stage with a piano. The newly renovated, state of the art kitchen is available for your caterer to utilize. The kitchen includes a new industrial stove/oven, microwave, holding cabinets for hot entrees, refrigerator, coffee maker/server and ice maker. Photographic opportunities abound, from the 1950s and 1960s historic airplanes that are on-site to the beautiful oak trees throughout the historic property. There is also a lovely small gazebo located on the grounds just to the right side of the parking area. Historical Note: The Officers Club, Herbert R. Temple Center, is named after Lieutenant General Herbert R. Temple, Jr., who led and commanded platoon through brigade level organizations in the California National Guard. During his military service, he had key assignments with the 40th Infantry Division, the California Military Academy and served twelve years assigned to the Army Staff at the Pentagon. The culmination of LTG Temple’s exceptional career was in 1986. He was appointed by the President of the United States, Ronald Reagan, as the Chief of the National Guard Bureau, overseeing 550,000 Army and Air Guardsmen located throughout the 54 states and territories. General and Mrs. Temple currently reside in Palm Springs, California.

Club Use

The Officer’s Club/Temple Conference Center can be used for government related events.  For details, please contact (805) 782-6756.  Note: DPCA, CPT Deborah Claffey, will contact you after gathering your contact information.  DO NOT fill out contract without date and event confirmation. 

​Camp San Luis Obispo provides a traditional non-denominational Chapel, which seats approximately 225 people. The balcony seats an additional 50 people. The Chapel was built during World War II and still retains its historical charm. There is adequate parking and has an easy to find location. The Chapel has three (3) dressing/sitting rooms for the bridal party’s convenience. There is a beautiful gazebo located near the front entrance of the Chapel that makes an exceptional location for photos. The gazebo, at 225 square feet, is large enough to hold the entire wedding party. Rental fee is $375 and includes a rehearsal. Couples must provide their own officiants.  Camp San Luis Obispo also has a charming reception hall on the base, called the Officers Club. This lovely venue sets up to 300 guests. 

For more information, please call: DPCA, CPT Deborah Claffey (805) 782-6756