Welcome to the CHQC Move Coordinator Tour Request Page

Tours are scheduled on Thursdays, starting February 2, 2023
Only Move Coordinators and Directors (Limit of 3) will be allowed on these tours
Tours are of your directorate/s rooms only so you can solidify your move plan

Step One – Sign up for your job site tour by completing the CHQC Tour Request Form, located here: CHQC Tour Request

Step Two – Read these safety rules

  • No Headphones or ear buds allowed on site
  • Smoking is prohibited on the tour
  • Always remain in public areas. Entry into secure areas is prohibited unless escorted by authorized personnel
  • Do not cross through live traffic where a crosswalk is available
  • Treat everyone with respect
  • No inappropriate language or gestures
  • No type of harassment
  • No cameras or recording devices (Unless authorized)
  • No Flip Flops, High Heels or Open Toed Shoes
  • No Skirts or Dresses