Technician Personnel Management Course

Below is the materials available for your course.

Please download to your computer and/or print a copy to bring with you to the class.

Module 1             TPMC Welcome

Module 2             You as a Supervisor and Coach

Module 3             Generations in the Workplace

Module 4             Ethics

Module 5             Labor Relations

Module 6             Supervisors Work Folder

Module 7             Position Management

Module 8             Recruitment/Placement

Module 9             Pay Administration

Module 10          Leave

Module 11          SAPR

Module 12          Incentives

Module 13          HR Development

Module 14          Conduct Management

Module 15          Employee Assistance Program

Module 16          Entitlements

Module 17          OWCP

Module 18          Performance Management

Module 19          DCPDS

Module 20          Closing

Extra                   My Performance / Training Plan