California Military Department

Board for Correction of Military Records

Application Process

Applying to the CABCMR:


Apply if an alleged error or injustice is identified as result of actions by the CMD.

Applicants are responsible for providing all documentation to support their claim of the alleged error or injustice.

Applicants are encouraged to contact their local Veterans Organizations such as Disabled American Veterans or American Legion for assistance in the preparation of their application.

Application for Correction to Military Records must be submitted to the CABCMR three years following the alleged error or injustice date.  Failure to file within the three year time limit prescribed will only be waived when the board finds it to be in the best interest of justice to do so.


Application Process for corrections to CMD Military Personnel Records:


Complete and sign CAARNG Form 149, Application for Correction of Military Records under the Provisions of California Military and Veteran’s Code 474.

The application to the CABCMR MUST be signed by the individual concerned.

If the record in question is that of a deceased or incompetent person, the application must include legal proof of death or incompetency.

Gather all supporting documentation such as (but not limited to) discharge orders, NGB Form 22, or pay records.

Submit your application and supporting documentation by either email or US Postal Service.


What happens after you submit your CABCMR application:


The chairperson and members of the board will review your application to determine whether the  evidence submitted substantiates an error or injustice.

Each application and the available records pertinent to the corrective action requested will be reviewed by the chairperson and members of the board to determine whether to:

  • Accept the application based on its own merits.
  • Request additional information from the applicant.
  • Hold a hearing when in the interest of justice.
  • Deny the application when the evidence submitted does not support an error or injustice.
  • Deny the application for failure to file within the prescribed time limit.


All findings and recommendations by the CABCMR are the result of a detailed review of your application and substantiating documentation.