Military Equal Opportunity
The Military Equal Opportunity program focuses on the comprehensive effort to eliminate unlawful discrimination, harassment, and provide fair treatment for all Military Service Members of the California National Guard.  Service Members include United States Code Title 32 Active Guard Reserve, Active Duty Operational Support, Traditional Soldiers and Airmen.  Service Members serving in Title 10, Active Duty, should contact their local servicing Equal Opportunity office for assistance due to having different processing procedures.


The Department of Defense (DoD) Civil Rights Program affords individuals protection against acts of unlawful discrimination.

It is against DoD policies to discriminate against a Service Member because of his or her protected categories.  It is also against regulations to retaliate or initiate reprisal against a Service Member because he or she complained about discrimination, filed a complaint of discrimination, or participated in an investigation involving a discrimination. The DoD enforces policies and regulations pertaining to unlawful discrimination and requires all DoD Agencies comply with all laws and regulations which uphold EO activities.

The EO discrimination complaint process is in accordance with the CNGBM 9601.01, National Guard Discrimination Complaint Process.

Protected Categories

Protected Categories of the Military EO Program.  Reference DoDD 1350.2, Department of Defense Military Equal Opportunity (MEO) Program and CNGBI 9601.01, National Guard Discrimination Complaint Program.

National Origin
Sexual Orientation

*Reprisal is based on an EO activity involving any of the protected categories above

General Processing

Any Service Member or applicants for military membership who believe he or she have been discriminated against may file a complaint.  All complaints will begin at the Informal Resolution Request (IRR) stage to allow for resolution at the lowest level to include the use of the Alternative Dispute Resolution process. The Formal Resolution Request (FRR) stage begins when the Informal Resolution Request process ends.  The NGB Form 333, Discrimination Complaint in the Army and Air National Guard is used to file a complaint.

Time limits for filing IRRs. Service Members must file an IRR within 180 calendar days from the date of the alleged discrimination, or the date the member was made aware of the alleged discriminatory event or action.  The IRR stage should take no more than 180 calendar days from the date of submission.

Time limits for filing FRRs.  Service Members may file a FRR within 30 calendar days of receipt of a proposed resolution or after a final interview.  The FRR is then forwarded to the National Guard Bureau for disposition and may take up to an additional 180 calendar days or more.

EO Training Opportunities

The Equal Opportunity Leader’s Course (EOLC) is an Army military course and prepares Soldiers to become EOLs. These EOLs assist commanders at the battalion level/equivalent and below in carrying out the EO programs within their units.  EOLC training is accomplished by lecture based instructions, active participation, and collective skills training. 

Upcoming Course Dates

  • Mar 18-23, 2019, Beale AFB, CA
  • July 22-27, 2019, Camp San Luis Obispo, CA

Contact the EO Office for more information

NOTE:  Dates and locations are subject to change contingent on availability of funding and/or mission requirements

California Military Department
Joint Force Headquarters
EO Program Office
9800 Goethe Road, Box 06
Sacramento, California 95827-9101

EO Program Manager: (916) 854-3417