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The Army’s migration to Army 365 is a major Unified Network operations milestone and supports Army modernization by leveraging commercial services and technology. This transition better postures the Army as we shift our IT business model to managed services in order to leverage industry’s ability to adopt emerging technologies. Demands of constant training combined with short-notice deployments, the warfighter benefits from these Army 365 tools in order to operate anywhere, anytime and will eventually be able to do so on any device.
For any further guidance regarding all thing Army 365, email the SharePoint Services Team distro list at  
Email migration is not slated to start until November 2021 for the National Guard. During this email migration, members and staff email accounts will change from DEE or DoD Enterprise Email ( to Army 365 email ( The DEE servers will not be fully decommissioned by higher until mid-2023 to ensure the successful migration of all accounts.

Microsoft Teams is one application within the M365 productivity cloud. It is the ultimate messaging app for your organization, as well as a workspace for:

  • Real-time collaboration and communication
  • Meetings
  • File and app sharing

Due to the limited number of MS Teams Audio Conference Lines allocated to California, a strict policy for assigning these numbers is in place. Users can find more information on the Army 365 MS Teams Audio Conference Line CMD SharePoint Page.
SharePoint Online is a more user friendly, uniform and modern environment which will be accessible from a CAC reader. The transition to SharePoint Online begins this year with the decommission date for GKO and our current On-Premise SharePoint is August 2022.
At present, Army 365 is available over the commercial internet and via the CAARNG network using either a Government Furnished Equipment (GFE) or a CAC-enabled personal computer (Non-GFE).
GFE laptop or computer:
  • A VPN is not required if working from an outside location.
  • Full functionality in the browser
  • Desktop app has limited functionality

Personal laptop or computer:

  • VPN cannot be accessed via a personal laptop or computer
  • CAC reader
  • CAC enabled browser
  • Root Certificates

GFE mobile device (smartphone or tablet):

  • Restricted in functionality
  • Requires device set up by the individual
Personal mobile device (smartphone or tablet):
  • Planned to be enabled, but no clear timeline