49th Military Police Brigade


The 49th Military Police Brigade is the Golden State’s only Army National Guard MP Brigade and is based in Fairfield, CA. The 49th’s primary role here in California is to provide Defense Support to Civilian Authorities (DSCA) in the northern region of the state.  As part of this mission, the 49th has assembled a Quick Reaction Force (QRF) and is able to respond to an emergency in a matter of hours.

As part of its federal mission, the 49th MP Brigade stands ready to deploy and respond to support missions around the world. For example, after being deactivated in 1997, the 49th was officially reactivated in May, 2005 and was immediately deployed forward in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF).  During its OIF tour, the 49th was tasked with the training of fledgling Iraqi Police force and maintained command and control over 3-thousand Soldiers in three military police battalions.

<form id=”aspnetForm” action=”/49MPB/Pages/170th-Military-Police-Detachment.aspx” method=”post”><div id=”s4-workspace”><div id=”s4-bodyContainer”><div id=”main_content” class=”clearfix”><div id=”cg-placeholdermain” data-name=”ContentPlaceHolderMain”><div id=”cg-content” class=”cg-wLeftMenu clearfix”><div id=”cg-program” class=”clearfix”><div id=”cg-program-left”><div data-name=”Page Field: Page Content”><div id=”ctl00_PlaceHolderMain_ctl02__ControlWrapper_RichHtmlField” class=”ms-rtestate-field” aria-labelledby=”ctl00_PlaceHolderMain_ctl02_label”><h2>170th Military Police Detachment</h2><p>​Primary Mission Requirements: <br />- Investigate serious crime<br />- Conduct sensitive/serious investigations<br />- Collect, analyze and disseminate criminal intelligence<br />- Conduct protective service operations<br />- Provide forensic laboratory support<br />- Maintain Army criminal records</p><p>Additional Mission Requirements:<br />- Logistics security (From the manufacturer to the soldier on the battlefield)<br />- Criminal intelligence (Develop countermeasures to combat subversive activities on the battlefield)<br />- Criminal investigations (Expanded to include war crimes and in some cases crimes against coalition forces and host nation personnel)<br />- Protective service operations (Protects key personnel on and off the battlefield)</p></div></div></div></div></div></div></div></div></div></form>

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