​Mission Statement: 

The mission of CAARNG TDS is to provide specified defense counsel services for Army National Guard (ARNG) Soldiers whenever required by law or regulation and authorized by the ARNG TDS, our higher headquarters.  These services are 1) representing Soldiers charged with military criminal offenses at trial; 2) representing Soldiers during criminal investigations and before elimination or grade reduction boards; and, 3) counseling Soldiers regarding pretrial restraint, nonjudicial punishment, and various adverse administrative actions taken pursuant to military regulations.  CAARNG TDS will also develop programs and policies to promote the effective and efficient use of defense counsel resources and enhance the professional qualifications of all personnel providing defense services. 

Scope of Mission:

At this time, our mission is to defend ARNG Soldiers (Arizona, California, Hawai’i and Guam) in the following statuses: Title 32 - AGR, Title 32 - SAD, Title 32 - ADSW and Title 32 - Traditional Guardsman (M-Day).  We do not represent ARNG Soldiers in a Title 10 status.   ARNG Soldiers in a Title 10 status will need to contact USATDS for consultation/representation.  We do not represent dual status federal technicians facing adverse actions that occurred while in a technician status.  We do not represent USAR, active components Soldiers or servicemembers from other services.   It is our policy and practice to refer USAR Soldiers to the USAR TDS and Army Soldiers to USATDS.

Core Competencies

​Priority I

  • General Courts-Martial (GCM) representation 
  • Special Courts-Martial (SPCM) representation 
  • Article 32 
  • Pretrial confinees 


Priority II

  • Article 15, UCMJ 
  • Summary Courts-Martial (SCM) 
  • Involuntary Enlisted Separations under AR 135-178
  • Reduction Boards (Misconduct) 
  • Officer Eliminations/Resignations 
  • AGR Separations 

Priority III

  • AR 15-6 Investigations
  • CID Investigations
  • Commander's Inquiry 
  • IG Investigations 
  • Suspects Rights 




Trial Defense Services Defense ServicesCA ARNG TDS provides defense counsel services to California Army National Guard Soldiers

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