The mission of the Selective Service System is to provide manpower to the armed forces in a national emergency and to run an Alternative Service Program for men classified as conscientious objectors during a draft.

Core Competencies

​For more than 70 years, Selective Service and the registration requirement for America's young men have served as a backup system to provide manpower to the U.S. Armed Forces. President Franklin Roosevelt signed the Selective Training and Service Act of 1940, which created the country's first peacetime draft and formally established the Selective Service System as an independent federal agency. From 1948 to 1973, men were drafted to fill vacancies which could not be filled through voluntary means. In 1973, the draft ended and the U.S. converted to an all-volunteer military. The registration requirement was suspended in 1975 and resumed again in 1980 in response to the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan. Registration continues today as a hedge against underestimating the number of servicemen needed in a future crisis. Almost all male U.S. citizens, and male aliens living in the U.S., who are 18 through 25, are required to register with Selective Service. A chart of who must register and how to register is located on the Selective Service web site.The Selective Service Detachment for California is located in Sacramento. The staff includes a State Director who is appointed by the Governor and two Reserve Force Officers.ACRONYMS​ ​​DAB​DISTRICT APPEAL BOARD​LB​LOCAL BOARD​LBM​LOCAL BOARD MEMBER​NAB​NATIONAL APPEAL BOARD​NHQ​NATIONAL HEADQUARTERS​RFO ​RESERVE FORCE OFFICERRHQ​REGION HEADQUARTERS​SSS​SELECTIVE SERVICE RESERVES​SD​STATE DIRECTORLocal Board MembersLocal Board members are appointed by the Director of Selective Service in the name of the President, on recommendations made by their respective state governors or an equivalent public official.  Some requirements to be a board member are that they be:U.S. citizens at least 18 years old not a retired or active member of the Armed Forces or any Reserve componentlive in the area in which the board has jurisdiction be willing to spend enough time at the position. The Board Member program is one of the primary components of the Selective Service System. Over 11,000 volunteers are currently trained in Selective Service regulations and procedures so that if a draft is reinstated, they will be able to fulfill their obligations fairly and equitably. Board members undergo an initial 8-hour training session and then participate in annual training in which they review sample cases similar to real-life situations. Reserve Force OfficersAbout 300 members of the National Guard and Reserves fulfill their military training obligations with the Selective Service System. These members are from all branches of the Armed Forces and play a vital role in the Selective Service mission. Each state has a Selective Service System National Guard Detachment, with larger states having one or more Joint-Service Reserve Detachments. The Reserve Forces Officers (RFOs) assigned to the National Guard and Reserve Detachments with the Selective Service System perform 48 drills and 13 days of annual training per year. This part-time cadre of military officers is paid by the respective military service component; however the individual services are reimbursed for costs incurred, including RFO travel, benefits, and most drill pay. Reserve Force Officer duties include: interview Selective Service board member candidatesprovide training to board membersensure space, equipment, and supplies are available in the event a draft is activatedparticipate in readiness exercisesremind men to comply with the registration requirementopen various state and local Selective Service offices nationwide during a draftrecruit and train staff to support Selective Service activities during a draftRegionsFor administrative purposes, field operations are divided into three regions: Region I in North ChicagoRegion II in Marietta, GeorgiaRegion III in Denver. Each state within these regions, the District of Columbia, and U.S. territories also has a state director.StateDetachmentArea OfficeLocal Board




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