California National Guard


​To have a personnel system that maximizes technolgoy, minimizes bureaucracy and puts the right person in the right job at the right time.


​To provide ongoing and surge human resource support to the California Military Department ensuring quality personal service to all members and employees.

Core Competencies


Make no promise or commitment we cannot reasonably expect to fulfill, and to maintain appropriate social, ethical and organizational norms in job related activities.


Maintain the highest standards of professional behavior and to comply with the laws, regulations, and policies under which we operate.


Respect the diversity of employees, provide fair and equitable treatment in all areas of employment, encourage personal and professional growth, and foster the personal well being and dignity of each employee.


Take responsibility for personal actions and the directorate's performance.

​State Personnel Programs was established during the early days of the Military Department to provide personnel services to State Civil Service employees and State Active Duty service members. It is a unique personnel office within state governmental agencies in that it has responsibility for both personnel management and payroll department functions.




ADR PROGRAM PROGRAMThe Alternate Dispute Resolution (ADR) Program encourages and promotes early conflict resolution
AFFIRMATIVE EMPLOYMENT PROGRAM EMPLOYMENT PROGRAMAffirmative Employment refers to workforce analysis and recruitment efforts
Disability Advisory Committee Advisory CommitteeDisability Advisory Committee
Equal Opportunity Office Opportunity OfficeCalifornia Military Department is committed to maintaining a positive work environment
SPECIAL EMPHASIS PROGRAM EMPHASIS PROGRAMSpecial Emphasis Program provides policy and guidance for all Special Emphasis Programs

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