PROGRAM - Accounting Branch


​Records budget authorizations and expenditures and processes the receipt and payment of funds.  It is the current fiscal year management component of the Comptroller's Office and is comprised of the State Accounting Section, Federal Budget and Accounting Section, and the Accounts Payable Section.

​State Accounting Section:

Administers the California Statewide Accounting and Reporting System (CALSTARS) and related aspects of encumbrance procedures, administrative control of fund expenditures, accountability of all appropriated funds, and accounts receivable.  Prepares reports to fund managers and distributes checks and warrants. 


Federal Budget and Accounting Section:

Coordinates the preparation and assimilation of federal reimbursement budgets; directs the accounting system pertaining to the expenditure of federal funds and prepares reimbursement billings.  Ensures that federal agreement procurement requests are authorized and coordinates document flow for supplies and services.  Prepares billings for programs supported by federal funds and reimbursements.

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Points of Contact

State Accounting Section:  

(916) 854-3369 


Federal Budget & Accounting Section: 

(916) 854-3563

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