The California National Guard established the Family Assistance Program as a resource to Guard and other military families - especially those involved in current deployments.  We have developed rosters of civilian, government, and military agencies that can help families dealing with issues that have surfaced because of active duty.

The FAC also hosts once a month “We Care” meetings

These meetings, which are open to all branches of the service, give service members and their families, friends and employers the opportunity to establish a local social support group as well as keep up to date on military news and benefits. Participants get the chance to receive the advice and support of people who know what they’re going through.

Requesting Assistance from the Family Assistance Program 

Per CA ARNG Pam 608-24. Rear Detachments and Senior Commands can request assistance from the Family Assistance Program Coordinators to conduct pre-deployment, deployment and redeployment briefings, town halls and other activities by completing and forwarding "Appendix A"  to the Operation Ready Families Office at Joint Forces Headquarters.


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