‚ÄčTo Prepare Recruits Mentally, Physically and Administratively.

Core Competencies

Recruit Sustainment Program Mission

The mission of the California Army National Guard Recruit Sustainment Program (CAARNG RSP) is to increase CAARNG training pipeline success by preparing CAARNG Recruits to succeed at Initial Entry Training (IET). RSP personnel ensure that Recruits are mentally prepared, administratively correct, and physically fit prior to shipping to training in order to reduce losses at IET. The RSP provides Recruits with realistic training that is similar to the first three weeks of IET. The Recruits are better prepared for the expectations of IET and have reduced apprehension and fear of the unknown which directly contributes to their success. The RSP also conducts meticulous review and correction of shipper packets to reduce the number of administrative errors that might jeopardize a Recruits success.

Training Concept
The Recruit Sustainment Program will incorporate instruction in; Academic, Physical Readiness, and Common Task Training. Each Recruit will be screened for administration problems as well as height/weight and physical fitness. New Recruits will progress through four phases of Soldier Training Readiness Modules (STRM) training while attending the RSP Course:

Red Phase:

Red Phase training is to be conducted during the Recruit's first drill at the RSP. The intent is to teach the basic fundamentals of being a Soldier. This phase is mandatory for all Recruits enrolled in the RSP. Most of the training is focused on educating the Recruit in military policies that will prevent them from facing disciplinary action and acclimate them to the military environment.

White Phase:

The White Phase training is designed to train and test the Recruits on basic skills required for success at Basic Combat Training. Recruits will attend White Phase after completion of Red Phase. It is extremely important that Recruits demonstrate mastery of the skills in this Phase and Red Phase. This mastery will allow for promotion of qualified Recruits under the Stripes-for-Skills program once all testing requirements are met. It also ensures all RSP Recruits are receiving the basic soldiering skills that will be heavily required from day one of BCT.

Blue Phase:

The Blue Phase provides Cadre with the opportunity to complete Recruit preparations for success at BCT. In addition, the Blue Phase allows the Cadre one last quality check to ensure the Recruit is Mentally Prepared, Administratively Correct and Physically Fit.

Quick Shippers:

Quick-Ship Recruits will have only one RSP Drill weekend prior to shipping to BCT, combining Red and Blue Phase functions. The classes presented are mandatory to build a solid foundation for a Recruit to be successful in BCT and AIT.

Green Phase:

The Green Phase training offers additional instruction in leadership and physical readiness for BCT qualified Recruits (STO-2), who will attend Advanced Individual Training (AIT) the following summer. Green Phase reintegrates BCT graduates into the RSP through advanced training, and sustains Soldiering skills learned at BCT. Green Phase focuses heavily on integrating the Recruits into RSP student leadership positions. Heavy emphasis is placed on sustaining Green Phase Recruits through the various social challenges that can cause issues in Training Pipeline Success, i.e. legal, medical, educational issues, etc.

Gold Phase (Battle Hand-Off):

The Gold Phase is the final phase before returning MOSQ Soldiers and is also the final drill with the RSP before transitioning into their unit of assignment. This phase covers what Military Occupational Specialty Qualified (MOSQ) Soldiers should expect when joining their units and culminates in the Battle Hand-Off (BHO) ceremony which initiates the unit sponsorship process. Gold Phase also gives the Soldiers a chance to evaluate the training they have received. The Soldier will join their unit of assignment MOSQ'd, and as mentally prepared, administratively correct, and physically fit as possible.

As you prepare for RSP, Basic Combat Training (BCT) and beyond, I simply cannot emphasize enough how much the key to your success as a soldier will lie in maintaining a solid fitness regimen. I urge you to be proactive in your physical fitness training and to be conscious of your dietary habits. Get fit now, stay fit, and you will always be ahead of the game. RSP will help you be mentally/physically prepared and administratively correct for shipping to BCT and AIT. All of us in the California National Guard wish you the best of luck! We are proud and grateful that you stand with us.


MAJ Vickie Panagopoulos,

Commander, Recruit Support Company




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