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​​Protocols primary goal is to manage the Protocol program directly supporting The Adjutant General, Assistant Adjutant General and all General Officers within the California National Guard. Protocol is responsible for oversight of all brigade or higher ceremonial events. To include visits from General Officers (active, reserve or retired), Senior Executive Service, civilian dignitaries, U.S. and foreign leaders, Cabinet Members, local government politicians, and others who might require special care and handling while in our facility or our state. We oversee project officers, review scripts and seating for ceremonial events, assist directorates with agendas in support of events hosted by general officers, and we are the liaison for all inbound/outbound Distinguished Visitors to the Joint Force Headquarters.

Core Competencies

​Protocol is prescribing code for strict adherence to correct precedence, courtesy and etiquette in matters of military, diplomatic, or official and celebratory ceremonies. More formally, it consists of the rules prescribing the etiquette accorded to ceremonies of state. In the military, it is the knowledge and application of established service customs.” The Protocol Office is here to offer staff advice and assistance in upholding those rules of military traditions.

Protocol Staff has created Protocol Support Forms available electronically on this website. If you need Protocol support such as invitations and programs for events, promotion coordination, change of command and activation ceremony, these forms will allow the Protocol Office staff better assist you.




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