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California National Guard Fallen Comrades - Guide


The noted designations (hostile/non-hostile) of the service members honored on the CNG’s Fallen Comrades page are those given by the Department of Defense under its authority and according to the following definitions.   

Hostile Casualty – A person who was the victim of a terrorist activity or who became a casualty "in action." "In action" characterizes the casualty as having been the direct result of hostile action, sustained in combat or relating thereto, or sustained going to or returning from a combat mission provided that the occurrence was directly related to hostile action. Included are persons killed or wounded mistakenly or accidentally by friendly fire directed at a hostile force or what was thought to be a hostile force. However, injuries or death not to be considered as sustained in action or interpreted as hostile casualties are injuries or death due to the elements, self-inflicted wounds, combat fatigue or except in unusual cases, wounds or death inflicted by a friendly force while the individual was in an absent-without-leave, deserter, or dropped-from-rolls status or was voluntarily absent from a place of duty.

Non-Hostile Casualty – A person who became a casualty due to circumstances not directly attributable to hostile action or terrorist activity. Casualties due to the elements, self-inflicted wounds (e.g. vehicle roll-overs), and combat fatigue are non-hostile casualties.

Killed in Action (KIA) – A casualty category applicable to a hostile casualty other than the victim of a terrorist activity, who was killed outright or who died as a result of wounds or other injuries before reaching a medical treatment facility.

Factual Statements

*The Soldiers and Airmen of the California National Guard (CNG) have deployed more than 40,000 times since 2001 in support of the global war on terrorism. In that time, 29 Soldiers have made the ultimate sacrifice serving in support of combat operations in Iraq and Afghanistan.   

*Since 2001, the CNG has deployed thousands of Soldiers in support of Operation Enduring Freedom. In that time, three CNG Soldiers have been killed while serving in support of combat operations in Afghanistan.

*More than 44,000 California National Guardsmen deployed in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation New Dawn. With elements on the ground from the initial invasion in 2003 through the withdrawal of combat troops in 2011, 26 CNG Soldiers were killed while serving in support of combat operations in Iraq.

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