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​Application Process for Officer Candidate School - OCS

Soldiers will receive an officer’s commission after they have completed the California Army National Guard OCS Program and their request for commission is approved by National Guard Bureau. 

Acceptance into the California Army National Guard OCS Program:   

The drilling months of November through February are focused on assisting OCS applicants, also known as Potential Officer Candidates (POC), to meet the requirements for OCS entrance. POCs are accepted into the OCS program after the following have been completed:

  • Attend an OCS Symposium. POCs may be accepted into OCS without attending a Symposium, but the likelihood of failing to meet a critical POC requirement increases.
  • POC attends drills with OCS from November through February. This requirement is waived for OCS Option Enlistees attending Basic Training as long as all other requirements are met.
  • POC meets all OCS prerequisites, or is likely to receive a waiver for prerequisites that they do not meet.
  • POC receives Chapter 2 OCS Commissioning Physical. POCs must receive MEPS physical.
  • POC is recommended for acceptance into OCS by a Board of Officers. The OCS Board convenes prior to the Officer Candidate Indoctrination Program (OCIP)
  • POC passes a Record Army Physical Fitness Test and meets AR 600-9 requirements prior to OCIP. 
  • POC successfully completes Officer Candidate Indoctrination Program (OCIP). OCIP is one drill long and is usually held on the March IDT.
  • All Request for Commission documents have been accepted 

Request for Commission:   

The following OCS Application documents must be completed and accepted prior to acceptance into the OCS program. The time required to accept these forms necessitates their transmittal by November. Click on the links to download the forms and instructions.   

  • NGB Form 62-E (Application for Commissioning). This form must be completed electronically and both a floppy disk and paper copy submitted. Review the following example prior to completing this form
  • DA Form 7349-R (AMC). This form is still required by the OCS/BOLC I Course Management Plan (TASS ARNG OCS CMP)
  • DA Form 2807-1 (Report of Medical History) and DA Form 2807-2 (Medical Prescreen) for Chapter 2 Physicals. MUST be completed by MEPS or Active Duty Medical Treatment Facility
  • SF 86 (Questionnaire for National Security Positions). This form must be completed electronically by submitting CA ARNG Form 380-67-1 (e-QIP request) through your OCS representative

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