​California’s Professional Military Force, Serving Our State And Nation - Always Ready, Always There.


​The California Military Department, under proper authority, organizes, resources and trains forces with unique capabilities, serving the community, state, and nation.

Core Competencies

​The Joint Staff provides staff support, enabling the Adjutant General to Command the State Military Forces and Direct the California Military Department in organizing, resourcing, and training Joint Forces with unique Capabilities serving the Community, State, and Nation.

​J-1 Manpower and Personnel​J-6 Command, Control, Communications and Computers (C4) ​   Manpower and Personnel Programs ​   Operations READY Families​   Director of Information Management   ​ Equal Opportunity/ Equal Employment Office   Distributed Learning Program​​​​J-3 Operations​J-7 Joint Training, Exercises, and Validation​   Plans, Operations, and Security   ​​Joint Training, Exercises, and Validation   ​​​9th Civil Support Team​   95th Civil Support Team​​J-8 Force Structure, Resources, and Assessment   ​State Comptroller​​J-4 Logistics   Logistics Home   ​​United States Property and Fiscal Office​​J-5 Strategic Plans, Policies, and Interagency Interoperability​​Joint Task Force Domestic Support - Counterdrug​   JTDSCD Site​   Strategic Planning  ​​ International Affairs​ 




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