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Technology is changing the way we train, educate and operate in the California National Guard. Distributed Learning (DL) is an important part of this change. Distributed Learning is simply another method of training. Experience shows that DL can be more effective for some training. Although DL will not replace all resident training, the Army is conducting more training using DL. In some cases, DL can provide an alternative to traditional resident training; in other cases, it can augment resident training, and in some cases, it can replace resident training. Higher levels of readiness will be achieved, and sustained, by trainers who assist leaders to use the most effective training methods - including DL.

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If you want to create a Distributed Learning Classroom request or an Audio request, please navigate in the left pane under the Forms area.  If you need further assistance, link to or please feel free to contact the DL Coordinators at either (916) 854-3844 or (916) 854-3163. 

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