PROGRAM - Emergency Communications


On order, mobilize, deploy, and provide Incident Commander's Command, Control, and Communications Unit (IC4U), radio communications to all supported units.  Coordinate and provide subject matter experts for infrastructure support and training to units with IC4U and JISCC capabilities.

The State Military Department J6 Emergency Communications and IC4U program is a first responder style organization that owns physical deployable assets designed to provide real-time information reach back capabilities.  We have seven trucks located throughout the state and a full time staff that service each entity.
In the event of a state emergency or disaster that is large enough to involve CA Office of Emergency Services, we can be called on to provide computers, phones, scanner, E-Mail, and WIFI availability to a range of customers where no infrastructure is available.

We are also subject matter experts on many tactical systems to include: PSC5, PRC-117, PRC-152, SINCGARS, and HF SYSTEMS.

Our department is well versed in these systems as a training asset to line units.  If a unit requires a class on a piece of equipment, training is also available through our request form.

If you need to request IC4U equipment, please complete the form located here:  IC4U Request Form

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