PROGRAM - Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Program


The Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Office is dedicated to teaching and normalizing acts of prevention and responding quickly and compassionately to victims of sexual assault.

If You Have Been Sexually Assaulted:

Go to a safe location away from the attacker, and Call 911 or a 24-hour rape crisis center


For support & assistance, you may call the following personnel with confidentiality:

JFHQ SARC: 916-854-3448 or 916-869-0787

Victim Advocate Coordinator: 714-699-6628

Safe Helpline (24/7 Hot Line): 877-995-5247

CA State Chaplain: 916-854-3398

CA State Mental Health Director: 916-854-3019


Victims of sexual assault covered under DoD SAPR policy have the option to file an unrestricted or restricted report: 

Restricted Report:

* Enables members to report allegations of sexual assault to specified personnel (Chaplain, SARC, Victim Advocate, military medical providers) without triggering an investigation
* Complete confidentiality; chain-of-command is NOT notified
* Access to medical care, counseling, legal assistance, and Victim Advocate support
* Gives victim time and increased control over the release and management of personal information; may convert to unrestricted report
* Empowers victim to gain valuable information and the support needed to make an informed decision about participating in criminal prosecution
* LIMITATIONS: Does not allow for expedited transfers, military protection orders, or ability to hold perpetrator accountable

Unrestricted Report:

* This is any report of a sexual assault made through traditional reporting channels, ie: victim’s chain-of-command, police
* Access to medical care, counseling, legal assistance, and Victim Advocate support
* Limited confidentiality: Details of the allegation will be provided only to those who have a legitimate need-to-know

* Law enforcement investigation enhances opportunity to hold perpetrator accountable
* Victim may request expedited transfer, military protection order
* LIMITATIONS: Cannot change to restricted report; may not be enough evidence to convict perpetrator, investigation/court proceedings may be lengthy


Email if you have comments, recommendations, or any other feedback on the California National Guard Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Program. 

Program Pages

Points of Contact

Joint Force HQ SARC

CPT Anna R. Yribe

916-854-3448 / 916-869-0787

Victim Advocate Coordinator

1SG Steven Rodriguez

562-795-1099 / 714-699-6628

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