PROGRAM - Peer-to-Peer Support Program


‚ÄčThe Peer to Peer Program is designed to train guard members in interpersonal communication, trauma, substance abuse and risk assessment, and referral of behavioral health concerns in a unit. This program gives guard members the tools to recognize a change in their battle buddies' behavior, effectively communicate with them based on their personality style, motivate them to seek help, and refer them to the right services. This program is available anytime UPON COMMANDER'S REQUEST to train any and all soldiers in a unit in an effort to increase morale, support anti-stigma policy, decrease the risk of serious incidents, and act as a force multiplier preventing crises that would reduce deployability.

Peer Support is an evidence based approach that has been shown to reduce psychiatric hospitalizations and hopelessness. The goal of peer support is to provide all California National Guard members with the opportunity to receive emotional and tangible peer support through times of personal or professional crises and to help anticipate and address potential difficulties.

A Peer Support Person (PSP), enlisted, warrant officer or commissioned officer, is a specifically trained colleague at a paraprofessional level not a counselor or therapist. The training we provide requires 1 day (8 hours) of hands on training and psychoeducation presented by licensed behavioral health officers, in addition to other subject matter experts.

The basic subjects we cover are:

Definition of and in-depth discussions of Trauma and its possible effects on SM

Personality Profiles - approaches based on each personality type for effective communication.

Active Constructive Listening Skills

Motivation and Goal Setting- motivating others to seek help and increase self care

Substance Abuse- Recognizing early signs

Suicide-safe intervention

Therapy- what it is really like...dispelling the myths.

Resources to help peers with any problems

Scenario Response Training

Each Servicemember will receive a certificate of completion at the end of the training.

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