PROGRAM - Combat Stress Control CSC Program


​Assisting guardsmen and concerned parties with desired information about combat stress, critical incident stress management, and stress factors is a high priority for the California National Guard.


Guardsmen with mobilization or active duty orders can receive counseling assistance through unit resources. Pre-mobilization briefings are given, and Operation Ready Families/ Family Assistance Network can assist with other needs relating to imminent duty.

During mobilization:

Guardsmen mobilized or on active duty orders 30 days or more can receive counseling assistance from all of the above sources, in addition to qualifying for active duty medical and social services in-theater. Chaplains and medical staff are available, as are web resources for dealing with stress. In-theater briefings/training on combat stress will vary by command and site.

Post mobilization:

Guardsmen de-mobilizing or processing out from active duty orders receive briefings on Combat Stress and Critical Incident Stress during their out processing; health assessment surveys may also be given to members prior to release from duty. The Department of Veterans Affairs and Vet Centers also provide assistance if requested, and members can also receive services through unit resources. In addition, the website will also provide behavioral health resources

Helping a fellow guardsman

Self-aid and buddy care extends beyond the physical.  If you notice that a friend or fellow guardsman is experiencing difficult or challenging situations, or suspect that they may have adjustment issues from recent deployments or critical incidents in their lives, seek help for them.  Under our resources link there are contact numbers for both Army and Air Force guardsman.

Helping a family member

If you are the family member of a returning soldier or airman and you believe they could use assistance with their adjustment to home or work life, select one of the applicable links to the left for organizations and agencies that are ready to help. 

Helping an employee/employer

If you are interested work-related guidance for returning California Guardsman, Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve (ESGR) link to the right.

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