PROGRAM - Employee and Labor Relations


   We offer supervisors and managers expertise in:

  • Technician performance management

  • Performance Appraisal Application (PAA)

  • Incentive and honorary awards

  • Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA)

  • Telework

  • Labor relations matters

  • Bargaining

  • Grievance resolution

  • Disciplinary issues and adverse actions

Goals and Objectives 

Goal 1: Effectively represent the interests of TAG in all bargaining matters by ensuring TAG’s intent is effectively incorporated into all bargaining matters.

Goal 2: Establish and promote collaborative and effective labor-management relationships by being committed to approaching all issues with objectivity, dignity, consistency, and with the upmost confidentiality.

To accomplish this, we will:
 - Foster positive relationships through open communication.
 - Support adherence to law, rule, and regulation through education of the Technician workforce.           
 - Promote effective dispute resolution.               
 - Avail ourselves to assist with relevant issues. 

Program Pages

Points of Contact

Chief, Employee/Labor Relations:
(916) 854-3600

Employee/Labor Relations Specialist:
(916) 854-3459

Employee/Labor Relations Specialist:
(916) 854-3754

Human Resources Assistant

(916) 854-3047

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J-1 Human Resources Office
Joint:Joint Offices:J-1 Human Resources Office