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Short Title Date Title
​CMDI 0400.00​19 December 2014​Political Activities
​CMDI 1100.00​17 February 2014​Leave Options for use in Times of Personal Crisis
CMDI 1100.01​16 October 2015​Light Duty Policy

CMDI 1200.00

CMDI 1200.00 CH1

6 May 2014

6 August 2015

Common Access Card (CAC) Procedures for State Employees 

CMDI 1400.01​2 June 2016​Separation of Dual Status Technician Due to Loss of Military Membership
​CMDI 1400.02​1 August 2016​Merit Placement Plan
CMDI 1400.03​20 July 2016​DOD Financial Management Certification Requirements for Technicians
​CMDI 1416.09​21 January 2016​Employee Compensation Operations and Management Portal (ECOMP) Procedures for National Guard Technicians
​CMDI 1416.16​10 May 2016​Superior Qualifications and Special Needs Appointment

CMDI 1416.18

CNG Form 690-61

​9 August 2016

9 August 2016

New Employee Orientation (NEO) Program

New Technician Employee Orientation Checklist

​CMDI 1416.21​29 April 2016FPPA and RD Training Course
​CMDI 1417.08​8 December 2016​Temporary Technicians in Absent-Uniformed Services Status
CMDI 1505.00​1 August 2014​California National Guard Surviving Spouse and Children Act
​CMDI 1700.01​27 August 2014​Issuances and California Military Department Publications Guidance
CMDI 1700.02​10 September 2015

​Physical Fitness Incentive Program (PFIP)

CMDI 1850.00​22 September 2015​Workplace Violence Prevention Program (WVPP)
CMDI 1900.011 Jul 2014Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Policy and Guidance for Workplace Disputes

CMDI 1900.02

Decision Letter Sample

​26 May 16​Administrative Grievance Procedures
CMDI 9600.00 23 December 2014California Military Department Equal Opportunity (EO) Policy and Discrimination Complaint System

CMDM 1600.00

CMDM 1600.00 CH1

CMDM 1600.00 CH2

CMDM 1600.00 CH3

 1 August 2014

19 August 2015

 7 October 2015

11 April 2016

Awards and Decorations

Change 1

Change 2

Change 3

CMDM 1700.01 21 November 2014

Formats and Procedures for Development of CMD Issuances

CMDN 1116.14​23 May 2016​Request For Donated Leave - Santana, Gustavo
CMDN 1116.15​​23 May 2016​Request for Donated Leave - Dwayne A. Hardy
​CMDN 1116.16​17 June 2016​Request For Donated Leave - Crystal L. Thurman
CMDN 1116.17​1 July 2016​Request For Donated Leave - Rowena Becerra
CMDN 1116.18​20 July 2016​Request for Donated Leave - Jose Diaz Jr.
​CMDN 1116.19​9 August 2016Request for Donated Leave - Janet Bretado
​CMDN 1116.20​1 September 2016​Request For Donated Leave - Mora-Chavez, Jeanette
​CMDN 1116.21​​1 September 2016​Request For Donated Leave - Maijala, Krescenda
​CMDN 1116.22​12 September 2016​Request For Donated Leave - Guzman, Briza
CMDN 1116.23​14 September 2016​Request For Donated Leave - Rasmussen, Jerry
CMDN 1116.25​12 October 2016​Request For Donated Leave - Torres, Martha
CMDN 1117.00​4 March 2017California Military Department (CMD) 2017 Holiday Schedule
CMDN 1117.01​21 October 2016Request For Donated Leave - Joseph A. Winters
​CMDN 1117.02​28 October 2016Request For Donated Leave - Maggie M. Kellett
​CMDN 1117.03​28 October 2016​Request For Donated Leave - Alivia C. Montoya
​CMDN 1117.04​31 October 2016Request For Donated Leave - Fujimoto, Ashley
CMDN 1117.05​10 November 2016Request For Donated Leave - Juan M. Valencia Ramirez
​CMDN 1117.06​10 November 2016Request For Donated Leave - Luis J. Gutierrez
​CMDN 1117.07​28 November 2016​Request For Donated Leave - Hong T. Zhou
CMDN 1117.08​14 December 2016Request For Donated Leave - Ana R. Haro
​CMDN 1117.10​20 December 2016​Request For Donated Leave - Galuega J. Tufi
​CMDN 1117.11​28 December 2016Request For Donated Leave - Lenny Gonzalez
​CMDN 1117.12​6 January 2017Request For Donated Leave - Colleena M. Viva
CMDN 1117.13​16 February 2017Handbook on Pay and Leave Benefits - Severe Weather Conditions or Other Emergency Situations
CMDN 1117.14​​16 February 2017​Request for Donated Leave - Stephany A. Antonson
CMDN 1117.15​17 February 2017Request For Donated Leave - David J. Green
​CMDN 1117.16​​17 February 2017​Request For Donated Leave - Daniel Ortega
​CMDN 1117.17​7 March 2017Request For Donated Leave - Matthew R. Grzywa
​CMDN 1416.12​22 April 2016​Federal Employees Health Benefits (FEHB) and Federal Employees Dental and Vision Insurance Program (FEDVIP) Benefits for Children of Same-Sex Domestic Partners After Obergefell v. Hodges
​CMDN 1416.15

​13 April 2016

Use of Compensatory Time While on Military Duty
​CMDN 1416.17​7 April 2016​Human Resources Office (HRO) Organization Update
CMDN 1416.23​22 July 2016Military Leave for Temporary DS Technicians
​CMDN 1417.02​19 October 2016FY17 Technician Personnel Management Course Announcement
​CMDN 1417.05​18 November 2016Annual Leave Forfeiture and Restoration
CMDN 1417.06​16 February 2017​National Guard Association of the United States (NGAUS) Insurance Change in Procedures
​CMDN 1417.08​10 January 2017Title 32 Active Guard and Reserve (AGR) Who Are In Absent Uniformed Service Status from a Technician Position
CMDN 1417.11​14 March 2017​2017 Technician Awards Guidance
​CMDN 1716.00​16 August 2016​Employment of Fulltime Title 32 and State Active Duty California National Guard Service Members for Civil Support
​CMDN 1917.01​4 January 2017Annual Notice of Weingarten Rights

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