Reclassification Bonus

Military Occupational Specialty Conversion Bonus (MOSCB) (Reclassification Bonus)


Receive a $2,000 bonus (increases to $4,000 on 5 July 2013) to reclassify into a California Army National Guard military occupational specialty (MOS) shortage

The MOSCB is available in limited quantities.  First come first serve.

The shortage MOS at your grade must be below 90% state fill to qualify for the MOSCB.

The MOSCB is a monetary incentive offered to qualified Soldiers to reclassify into a military occupational specialty (MOS) to fill shortages within the California Army National Guard.  Soldiers who reclassify into these shortage MOS' improve their career development and promotion opportunities.

Bonus is paid upon successful completion of the MOS producing school and publication of official MOS award orders.  The unit Retention NCO or unit Readiness NCO can assist you in finding qualifying MOS' in the Guard Incentive Management System (GIMS).  Upon identifying an MOS that you meet all the qualifications for your unit  representative will submit your MOS conversion request to the Battalion Career Counselor for processing.


WHO IS ELIGIBLE for the MOSCB (Reclassification Bonus)


E6 with a 10 years or less Time in Service (TIS).
E5 and below unlimited Time in Service (TIS).

Excess Soldiers (must be coded as excess in SIDPERS)

Soldier's grade must match the vacancy grade

May be receiving a reenlistment / extension bonus (REB) , student loan repayment, or MGIB-SR Kicker.
The MOSCB may be paid concurrently with the REB.  The Soldiers new MOS becomes the primary MOS (PMOS).  The Soldier must remain in the new MOS for 3 years or for the length of the Reenlistment / extension bonus (REB), whichever is longer.

Will incur a 3 year obligation effective 3 years from completing the MOS producing school.

MOS selected for reclassification must be less than 90% State fill at the relevant skill level.

Soldier must be fully qualified for training and attendance at the appropriate service school.

MOS Reclassification Qualifications include:  ASVAB scores (within the last 2 years), Physical Profile (PULHES), Security Clearance, and passing APFT & Height / Weight.


 WHO IS NOT ELIGIBILE for the MOSCB (Reclassification Bonus)


E7 or above.
E6 with more than 10 years Time in Service

Soldiers currently serving their initial Army National Guard enlistment contract regardless of which incentive they received.

Soldiers who are medically non-deployable. 

Soldiers FLAGGED (Adverse, APFT, Ht/Wt etc)

Soldiers currently Active Guard Reserve (AGR) or Military Technician (Mil Tech) even when deployed. Temporary technicians on tour for more than 180 days in any continuous 12 month period.

AGR & Mil Techs deployed.

Identify Unit Vacancies and Search by Location and MOS to find military occupational specialties and positions that may be eligible for the MOSCB (Reclassification Bonus).




The unit Retention NCO or unit Readiness NCO can assist you in finding qualifying MOS' in the Guard Incentive Management System (GIMS).

HOW to APPLY for the MOSCB:

1) Contact your unit Retention NCO or unit Readiness NCO (whomever one has GIMS access). 
2) The unit GIMS operator will input your social security number into GIMS and search for vacancies within the mileage range of your choice.
3) GIMS will display a list of all MOSCB qualified vacancies that you qualify for within the mileage range you selected.
4) Once you choose the vacancy you want to reclassify into the unit GIMS operator will download a Memorandum of Agreement for you to sign and submit the Memorandum of Agreement to the Battalion Career Counselor for processing.
5) The Battalion Career Counselor will then upload your signed Memorandum of Agreement into GIMS and you will be issued a bonus control number. 
6) The Battalion Career Counselor will notify your unit Readiness NCO when all actions are complete and provide your Readiness NCO the bonus control number.
7) If the MOS you are reclassifying into is outside of your unit your Readiness NCO will assist you in making contact with the gaining unit and coordinate transfer.




Q.  What if I’m medically non deployable but otherwise qualified for the MOSCB?
A.  Clear your MND status, make sure you meet the physical, APFT and Ht/Wt standards and submit your application.


Q.  What are PULHES?
A.  Military Physical Profile Serial System is based primarily upon function of body systems and their relationship to perform military duties.  PULHES are initially awarded at the Military Entrance Station (MEPS) during enlistment and are updated by military medical professionals based on medical limitations and permanent profiles.
P = Physical Capacity or Stamina, U =Upper Extremities, L =Lower Extremities, H =Hearing and Ears, E = Eyes,   S = Psychiatric


Q.  Where do I find my PULHES?
A.  Army Knowledge Online (AKO) My Medical Readiness


Q.  Where do I find the ASVAB and PULHES requirements for a specific MOS?
A.  Army Smart Book (DA Pam 611-21).  AKO login required:
Chapter 10, Enlisted MOS Specifications identifies the following MOS requirements:
(1) A physical demands rating.
(2) A physical profile (PULHES) of 112111.
(3) Vision Requirements.
(4) Qualifying scores (ASVAB).
(5) Formal training Requirements to be awarded the MOS.
(6) Security eligibility (Security Clearance Requirements).   
(7) Be a U.S. citizen (Citizenship Requirements).

Q.  Where do I find my ASVAB scores?
A.  In most cases your Application for Enlistment, DD Form 1966/1 (Record of Military Processing – Armed Forces of the United States).  Block 16. APTITUDE TEST RESULT, AFQT PERCENTILE contains your ASVAB Scores. 


Q.  Are ASVAB scores good forever?
A.  No, ASVAB scores are good for a maximum of 5 years and only 2 years for reclassification. 


Q.  I don’t have a copy of my DD Form 1966/1.  Where can I get a copy?
A.  Your Army Military Human Resources Record (AMHRR) located in iPERMS normally contains a copy of your DD Form 1966/1.  Login to iPERMS

Q.  Can I retake the ASVAB?
A.   Yes.  Contact the Civilian Education Office for more information.


Q.  I completed the MOS producing course why haven’t I been paid the MOSCB?
A.  Your Battalion Career Counselor must upload the following documents in the Guard Incentive Management System (GIMS):

(1) Signed NGB memorandum of agreement (MOA)
(2) Copy of official MOS award order.

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