PROGRAM - Non-Regular (M-Day) Retirement Office


The California Army National Guard Retirement Section provides information on benefits and entitlements to reserve Soldiers and their Families to prepare them for retirement and to help better understand the Survivor Benefit Plan (SBP).

We have expanded our retirement services by adding a new location in Los Alamitos, CA. Please see the added contact information under our points of contact section.

Pre-Retirement Seminar's are held quarterly at different locations to include: Sacramento, Fresno, Camp San Luis Obispo, and Los Alamitos. Please continue to visit our website for upcoming seminars near your home of record.

Registration for the upcoming retirement seminar is now open:

Register here: Retirement-Seminar.aspx

The informational Power-Point Slides on Non-Regular M-Day Retirement that were briefed at the Reservist Retirement Seminar are now available for your convenience. To access them please click on the links below.

CSMR Orientation
My Army Benefits
Retirement Processes and Retirement Pay
Tricare Dental
Tricare Medical
Understanding Retirement Points

Program Pages

Points of Contact

‚ÄčNon-Regular (M-Day) 

Sacramento Contact Info:

Retirement Team E-Mail:  

Team Phone Number:

(916) 854-3150,  option 5

Team Fax Number:

(916) 854-3210

Los Alamitos Team E-Mail:

SGT Sandro Aguero

Team Phone Number:

(562) 795-2426

Team Fax Number:


DFAS Military Retired and Annuitant Pay:

(800) 321-1080

DFAS Retired Pay (fax):

(800) 469-6559

DFAS Annuitant/Survivor Pay (fax):

(800) 982-8459

DFAS Claims for non-receipt of payment (fax):

(216) 522-5898

HRC Toll Free Line:

(888) 276-9472

HRC Reserve Retired Pay Branch:

(502) 613-8950

Dept of VA:

(800) 827-1000

DEERS/DMDC Support Office: (800) 538-9552; (866) 363-2883 for hearing impaired




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