PROGRAM - Enlisted Personnel Branch


​Our mission is to manage, develop, and execute all enlisted personnel plans, programs, and policies in order to enhance the Personnel Readiness of California Army National Guard.

​The Enlisted Personnel Branch manages all issues related to enlisted Soldiers to include


      • Enlisted Promotions, Promotion Lists, and Promotion Boards
      • Reclassification Actions
      • Unit Vacancies
      • Separations
      • Conditional Release to another branch of service
      • Requests for transfer to the Inactive National Guard

Program Pages

Points of Contact

The Enlisted Personnel Management Branch may be reached at (916) 854-3150

  • Option 1: Branch OIC
  • Option 2: Branch NCOIC
  • Option 3: Promotions
  • Option 4: Enlisted Discharges (Orders and NGB 22 requests)
  • Option 5: Retirement (RPAS and Retirement Pay)
  • Option 6: Actions (Adverse flags, waivers, e-orders) 


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