PROGRAM - Directorate of Facilities and Engineering


​Our mission is to acquire, develop, and maintain land and facilities; to support the administration, training, and readiness of the California National Guard; and to develop and enhance relationships to maximize the value of our facilities to our soldiers and the communities we serve.


1.      Achieve full, and on time compliance, with planning, reporting, and regulatory requirements, identified in the CAFE master calendar.

2.      Complete full design of new facilities during the fiscal year in which design funding is received.

3.      Fully execute a construction contract for each project in the year of appropriation.

4.      Improve the appearance of our facilities.  Modernize/renovate three armories per state fiscal year.

5.      Develop maintenance plans that identify requirements, course of action, and time lines three years out.

6.      Improve the effectiveness of our maintenance teams.

7.      Develop and execute a funding plan that supports our modernization and maintenance programs.

8.      Secure a State baseline budget increase of $2,000,000 dedicated to armory maintenance.

9.      Develop a full service and focused real estate program.

10.   Modernize training sites.

11.   Establish and maintain a program, that actively encourages mutually beneficial partnerships with communities

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Facilities and Engineering
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