SERVICE - Personnel & Resource Management


​Manages the installation accounting programs; provides management analysis and improvement programs; statistical reporting; manpower management; program review and analysis; budgeting and programming analysis; finance, accounting, and disbursement support; training site agreements and utilization fees.


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Points of Contact

Director of Personnel and Community Activities:
Agreements, MWR, ID cards, troop services, SRP operations, PAO, personnel and resource management.
(805) 238-8404
Public Affairs Officer:
News releases, VIP representative, news articles, installation economic analyst, historian.
(805) 238-8308
State Personnel Services:
State civil service & SAD personnel management, training officer for all status employees.
(805) 238-8208
Human Resource Specialist:
Federal personnel management and copier services.
(805) 238-8058
Troop Service Support:
Gym, Phoenix Recreation Center, MWR BBQ trailers, RV storage, troop service support, medical waste management, med aid station, ATM machine, Internet Cafe, Record Keeping and Web Portal Management

(805) 238-8397
Accounting Officer:
Budget, accounting and unit MWR funds.
(805) 238-8245
Business Services Specialist:
Purchasing, licensing and contracting.
(805) 238-8216
Welcome Center (Family Assistance Specialist):
(805) 238-8310

ID Card Center:
CAC ID card and dependent ID card operations.
(805) 238-8574

Camp Roberts
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