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​The Camp Roberts Community is committed to sharing its resources with all members of the California Military Department and the community.  While Camp Roberts’ primary mission is to provide areas for training, the vast and unique landscape provides hunters and anglers with an unmatched opportunity for outdoor recreation.

​Information Updated on 3 April 2017

Hunting and Fishing dates are subject to change or cancellation based on the training requirements of the California Military Department.


All participants are required to follow the State of California fishing guidelines and regulations and comply with Camp Roberts’ rules and policies while on Camp Roberts. Violations of any guidelines, regulations, rules, post procedures and or policies may result in forfeiture of fees paid, a revocation of hunting privileges at Camp Roberts, and you may be subject to additional California State Law and federal law sanctions.

Any person hunting or fishing on Camp Roberts is required to have the appropriate hunting and/or fishing license, tags from the State of California and a Camp Roberts Hunting/Fishing Permit. 

  Registration is open by appointment only 8am-3pm. To set up an appointment call the Hunting and Fishing Dept. at   805-365-5090 between 8am-3pm.



 hunting pics.jpg

 Pedro Alcocer (Marine Vet) showing off his beautiful 3x3.

(17 Sept 2015)


Sam Montgomery(Camp Roberts employee) and daughter Rori (2014)


Casey Nelson (Camp Roberts Employee)

Click below for Hunt dates and info:


Click link to download:1113 April 2017 Turkey MilVet Hunt.pdf

Click link to download: 2223 April 2017 Turkey Hunt Civ.pdf

Click link to download:1112 May 2017 MilVet Pig Hunt.pdf        

Click link to download:14 May 2017 Pig Hunt CIV.pdf

Click link to download:  2728 May 2017 Pig Hunt CIV.pdf




Registration Forms:

Please fill out completely before arriving for your registration appointment. Thank you.

Click link to download:Hunting Registration Form 2016.pdf

Click link to download: Weapons Registration Form

Click link to download: Legal Release.


Program Pages

Points of Contact

​Camp Roberts Morale Welfare & Recreation:

Phone (805) 365-5090

Business hours 8am-3pm

Email us

Current Hunt Dates:

11-13 April  2017 Turkey Mil/Vet

22-23 April 2017 Turkey Civ

11-12 May 2017 Pig Mil/Vet

14 May 2017 Pig Civ

27-28 May 2017 Pig Civ

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