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​•The Counterdrug program provides quality support to law enforcement agencies and community based organizations.
•The full range of resources and expertise in the California National Guard is available to law enforcement and community based organizations.
•We optimally employ available military capability by soliciting the people and equipment necessary to achieve the effects that CBO's and LEA's require for future operations and allocate available capabilities against operational priorities.
•We provide direct military capability to achieve the objectives of each mission.
•We will remain positive and flexible to the needs of the LEA and COB communities.

To be eligible for a position with the CDTF, all of the forms below must be completed. If you have any questions or concerns you may contact the CD-1 Admin Support Staff at:  (916) 369-4925

Required Forms: (reference attachment "A" of job announcements.)

  1. 1058-R CD Application
  2. Commanders Letter of Recommendation (Template).docx
  3. CD FORM 301-R PIP Questionnaire v3.pdf
  4. CD FORM 302-R Release Form v3.pdf

* Service Member must have a current PHA / 422 within one year, tested for Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) within the last 2 years, and be drug free.

* Any Service Members applying for an Air or Army pilot position or flight crew member position must attach a current up to date flight physical with their packet.

Optional forms:


  1. Army Bio Sketch
  2. Army Bio Sketch Guide
  3. Air Force Bio Sketch


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Points of Contact

CD-1 Admin Support Staff:

Comm: (916) 369-4925

California National Guard Counterdrug Task Force
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