Core Competencies

Warrant Officer Program

9800 Goethe Road
Sacramento, CA 95827

Warrant Officer Strength Managers:

Northern:  (916) 862-3034
Southern: (562) 936-1767
Operations NCOIC (916) 854-1352 

Warrant Officer Candidate School Information:

Warrant Officer Candidate School Migrates to the Regional Training Institutes:  The Warrant Officer Candidate School (WOCS) program has recently undergone a number of sweeping changes to better conform to Army war-time needs. Among the changes is the authorized migration of the WOCS program to the Regional Training Institutes (RTIs) nationwide. Click here for more information

Forms Submission Requirement:

Your Warrant Officer Strength Manager will assist in completing packet.  Original packet will be mailed by your Warrant Officer Strength Manager to:

     Joint Force Headquarters
     Attn: CCWO (Box #3)
     P.O. Box 269101
     Sacramento, CA 95826-9101
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Warrant Officer Program Information:
Warrant Officer Initiatives Update

Warrant Officer Applicant Information:
Basic Requirements for Eligibility

Instructions for Warrant Officer Applicants:
Section I Instructions  (Resume)   (EPSQ)    
Section II Instructions   Ngb62-E .pdf       
Documents to be completed for USAR (IRR) appointment to Warrant Officer in the California National Guard:    

Documents to be completed for Warrant Officer 153A Pilot:
All Chapter 2 commissioning physicals MUST be completed at a MEPS facility.  You must contact your Warrant Officer Strength Manager to schedule your physical.    

WOC School Packing List (Contains Required, Authorized and Unauthorized Items)   
Warrant Officer Promotion Requirements: 

Warrant Officer Education Requirements for Promotion   

Promotion Checklist 
Promotion packet (with updated promotion letter) should be submitted 90 days prior to promotion date.
Complete form "Statement in Lieu of a Medical Examination." (FORM.pdf)

Annual Medical Certificate must be completed and attached with promotion packet. (The front is done by individual and second page must be done by a Qualified AMC.)




Unit Home
State Command Chief Warrant Officer
Army:Leadership:State Command Chief Warrant Officer













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