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The loss of a single soldier impacts our combat readiness, so it is the responsibility of CAARNG leaders to identify, track and mitigate the risks our soldiers face in and out of combat. The California Army National Guard Safety Office (CASO) exists to provide safety and occupational health guidance and resources to unit leaders as part of the Composite Risk Management effort.

In addition to the briefings, regulations, forms and documents available through this portal, the CASO staff itself is a valuable resource for commanders and leaders, and is ready and available to answer questions and provide guidance. 

All Safety Officers/NCO's at Battalion level and above must complete the RCAS SOH course within 6 months of assignment. Please see NGR 385-10 appendix C for all Safety Officer/NCO training requirements and time lines. RCAS SOH is offered on line through Guard University at
See the folder labeled "On Line RCAS SOH" to the right, which includes a nice walk through on registering for the online RCAS SOH course

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