​We envision the California Army National Guard Aviation Community providing a high quality and robust aviation support package across the mission continuum with modernized equipment, in order to conduct Federal, State, and Community support missions in a safe, effective, and professional manner.

We will continue to expand our proactive involvement with the National Guard Bureau and the Joint Environment.


​To provide prompt and accurate advice regarding Aviation and Safety issues to the Adjutant General and Commanders, to manage resources, to facilitate mission-ready aircraft to support Federal and State missions, and to provide the highest quality individual crew training.

To further manage effective interagency coordination at the Federal and State level and to administer aggressive Air and Ground Risk Management programs.

Core Competencies

​The Aviation Directorate provides supervision and support to the Aviation Classification Repair Activity Depot, the three Army Aviation Support Facilities, and the Los Alamitos Army airfield, the latter including an FAA Air Traffic control activity.

The 1106th Aviation Classification Repair Activity depot provides a broad range of high-expertise level aircraft maintenance support to 22 Army Aviation Support Facilities and 82 aviation units throughout 13 western states.

The Army Aviation Support Facilities and the Los Alamitos Army Airfield provide aircraft maintenance support, aviation operation services, and standardized air crew training for the Army National Guard aviations units within their respective geographical areas. Supervising, monitoring, and guiding aviation safety programs throughout the state is another growing and evolving facet of the Directorate's responsibilities.

The Directorate also provides support as the prime training resource for ground safety programs throughout all California Army National Guard units, to include guidance on regulatory compliance and training of CPR/First Aid, driver training programs, hearing conservation, industrial hygiene, and hazardous material programs.


The Directorate of Army Aviation an Safety consists of five fields components plus the staff directorate in Sacramento. Army Aviation Support Facilities are located in Los Alamitos, Stockton, and Sacramento. An Aviation Classification Repair Activity depot, one of only four within the Army National Guard, is located in Fresno, while the sole Army Airfield within the California Army National Guard is co-located adjacent the the Army Aviation Support Facility at Los Alamitos. The Aviation Directorate employs over 220 full-time technicians and Department of Defense employees, serves nine aviation units, and supports 452 air crews members and 105 aircraft.


The California Army National Guard Aircrew Training Program adheres to the same rigorous standards and qualification criteria as the active and reserve component Army. During the past four years, all aviation units and Army Aviation Support Facilities passed the Forces Command's Aviation Resource Management Survey inspection, the active duty standard for aviation training safety, maintenance, and operational readiness.

In 1998, the 126th Medical Company (Air Ambulance) successfully deployed to Bosnia as the first national Guard unit to backfill an Active Army unit with the full spectrum of Aero-Medical support duties.

Through the Counterdrug Flight Detachment, CA ARNG Aviation continues to maintain a close working relationship with local law enforcement agencies throughout the state in supporting California's war against drugs.

The Los Alamitos Army Airfield remains the premier National Guard aviation staging area for numerous Department of Defense and Military Support to Civil Authority missions in Southern California. A tenant of the Joing Forces Training Base, Los Alamitos Army Airfield provides a Secure and Convenient location for President of the United States missions, as well as U.S. Air Force, U.S. Navy, NASA, and civilian las enforcement agency aircraft. The Flight Training Simulator at Los Alamitos Army Airfield is also a valuable asset that streches the state's aviation training dollars


The next several years will bring significant challenge to the Aviation Directorate as it implements to National Guard's "multi Functional Battalion" modernization plan. We can expect a significant alteration in the way the aircraft assets of the state will look. The plan will retire all single-engine "legacy" aircraft, beginning with the AH-1F, followed by theUH-1H/V, and eventually the OH-58A/C fleet, ultimately replacing them with modernized, twin-engine helicopters, respectively the UH-60, AH-64, and YAH-66. Positioning California to receive modernized aircraft on a fair replacement basis for its aging legacy fleet will prove a formidable task as the Aviation Directorate simultaneously strives to maintain the state's aviation readiness and technical proficiency, while not only arresting potential personnel loss, but increasing its overall unit strength.

Improvement and refurbishment needs of the state's aviation infrastructure have been identified and prioritized by The Aviation Directorate. Foremost, is the  necessity for an aviation fuel station at the Sacramento Army Aviation Support Facility, since McClellan Air Force base, its traditional fuel purchasing site, has closed last year.




Army Aviation Ground Safety Aviation Ground SafetyThe loss of a single soldier impacts our combat readiness, so it is the responsibility of CAARNG leaders to identify, track and mitigate the risks our soldiers face in and out of combat.

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