​Provides command and control to plan, integrate and direct execution of three engineer companies, three detachments, a Headquarters Support Company (HSC) and one Forward Support Company (FSC) to provide mobility in support of force application or focused logistics.

Core Competencies

The 579th Engineer Battalion is made up of the following units: 

  • Headquarters Support Company
  • Forward Support Company
  • 129th Engineering Detachment (Concrete Finishing)
  • 132nd Multi-Role Bridge Company
  • 149th Chemical Company
  • 217th Ordnance Company (EOD)
  • 233rd Firefighter Detachment
  • 235th Sapper Company
  • 645th Engineering Detachment (Asphalt Team)
  • 649th Horizontal Construction Company
  • 1401st Engineer Detachment (Quarry Operations)




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