California State Military Department



Provides command and control and technical support to R5 Plans and OPs team, Reception, Replacement, Returns to Duty, Rest and Recuperation, and Redeployment (R5) platoons and Casualty platoon.

Federal: To provide combat essential personnel to support strength managers and Commanders.

State: To provide mission essential personnel and military support to civil authorities (MSCA) during natural disasters and other state emergencies, and to support our local community in which we work and live.

Core Competencies

​Company Commander:

  (916) 854-1664

Company 1SG:

  (916) 854-1662

Readiness NCO:

  (916) 854-1661

Unit phone Number:

  (916) 854-1661

Unit Address:

  49th Personnel Support Company
  8450 Okinawa Street
  Sacramento, CA 95828-0904




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49th Personnel Support Company
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