On order, 40 Brigade Support Battalion (BSB) provides direct support logistics, field maintenance, and Echelons I and II force health protection (FHP) support to the79 Infantry Brigade Combat Team (IBCT).  Operates as part of an IBCT, throughout the brigade area of operations. 


​"Forward with the Best"

(June 7, 1978 thru present date)

                    40 BSB Forward with the Best Crest.jpg

"Behind the Best"

(June 7, 1978 thru September 19, 1969)           

                   40 BSB Behind the Best Crest.jpg

Distinctive Unit Insignia (DUI)/ Crest:

Design approved June 7, 1978. Buff (yellow) and brick red are for supply and transport, the branch of the original unit. The key refers to the unit's basic mission and the wheel to transport, one of the functions of the former organization. The two wavy bands, representative of water, symbolizes service in the Philippines in World War II and in Korea by elements of the former organization.

 "Combat Service Support" design approved (September 19, 1969 thru initial assignment of unit (40th Separate Infantry Brigade)) CA Heraldry and Insignia


                     ​40th Support Battalion Crest 1969.gif

​Symbolism: The Philippine sun represents service in the Asiatic-Pacific Theater in World War II in which the unit participated in assault landing at Luzon and Southern Philippines, Leyte. It also commemorates two Philippine Unit Citations awarded the unit. The taeguk, from the flag of Korea, represents service in Korea for which the unit was awarded four Republic of Korea Presidential Unit Citations.

Campaigns: World War II - Bismarck Archipelago, Luzon, Southern Philippines, Leyte; Korean War - Second Winter, Summer thru Fall 1952, Third Winter, Summer 1953

Awarded Unit Citations:

Philippine Republic Presidential Unit Citation Badge (PRPUCB).png Two Philippine Presidential Unit Citations (World War II - Bismarck Archipelago, Luzon, Southern Philippines, Leyte)

Republic of Korea Presidential Unit Citation Four Republic of Korea Presidential Unit Citations (Korean War - Second Winter, Summer thru Fall 1952, Third Winter, Summer 1953)


NOTE:  U.S. Army Heraldic Crests, by Barry Jason Stein

Information found in the U.S. Army Heraldic Crests: A complete Illustrated History of Authorized Distinctive Unit Insignia, by Barry Jason Stein (November 20, 1993)

Core Competencies

​The core of combat service support (CSS) to the 79 IBCT is the 40 BSB, which provides direct support to the IBCT. The BSB has an austere force structure with the minimum capabilities necessary to support the IBCT. This CSS package is strategically mobile and focused only on sustainment necessities.

     Initial sustainment relies on a combination of unit basic loads (UBLs), strategic configured loads (SCLs), and the availability of fuel and water in the area of operations. By deploying with CSS packages tailored for a specific operation, the IBCT can sustain itself for up to 72 hours, 3 days of supply (DOS).

     With reliance on regionally available commercial support, the BSB provides sustainment to the IBCT during peacetime military engagements, small-scale contingencies, and major theater war (MTW). In MTW, the BSB requires significant augmentation from a division, corps, or ARFOR to sustain the IBCT.

​BATTALION MOTTO: "Forward With The Best!"








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